Daily Intention Thread : "Today, I am... + POSITIVE AFFIRMATION"

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by 2525, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. Today I will not use PMO because no more attachment to PMO, it ruin everything in my life...just want some peace & relaxation from it...
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  2. Today I will not use porn because it's not worth it.
    I don't want to keep doing the same thing over and over and never breaking the cycle. I don't want to use sex to escape whatever it is I don't want to feel.

    Future me, the one not stuck in his head will love looking back knowing that I was strong and didn't act out my urges

    I know that my mind is currently occupied with thoughts of sex. i know from having quit alcohol nearly 10 years ago that when in the midst of the addiction almost everything you do circles around it. Always trying to get it, always ensuring you'll get it, planning for it, never living with out it. Never fully aware of how much it's in your life until you're free from it and can look back and say "wow I was really stuck in that"

    I want that with p, I want that lookback knowing I'm free from it and it doesn't matter to me even if I happen to see it.

    i demand to be free from this affliction. I will never stop fighting
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    Today I will not use porn because it's selfish and leads to isolation, not to connection with others we all need so much to be happy. Stay strong !
  4. Today I will not PMO because I dont want to waste my time on crap that i dont need in my life.fck pmo,im way happier withoit this
  5. Discipline Is A Virtue

    Discipline Is A Virtue Fapstronaut

    Today I will not use porn because i am capable of deciding what I will do, and I will not be a servant to my urges.
  6. Today I will not watch porn because I don't want to use it anymore.
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  7. Mitness

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    no pmo because i dont want to
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  8. timetomoveforward88

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    Today I will not watch porn because it drags me to the lowest version of myself.
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  9. Today I will not use porn or masturbate because i am proving to myself i dont need this and finding some purpose in life
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  10. Very true, remembering that helps a lot!
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  11. ImpureHuman

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    I will not use porn because its a few seconds of pleasure in pixels without touch or warmth or breadth and shame and regret after.
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  12. Today I will not use porn because I want this weekend to be good.
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  13. triptiptop

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    Today i will not use porn because it will destroy my life if i use it any further and from the bottom of my soul i genuinely don't want to engage in it, i know that it comes in the way of what i truly want in life.
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  14. Mister Fire

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    Today I will not use porn because I’ve already fapped enough in the last 2 weeks.In fact, I’ve already fapped enough my whole life.
  15. Today I will not use porn or masturbate because I am proud of the work I've put into improving myself in the last week, and I know I'll enjoy the weekend with a sense of real pride if I'm keeping on the right track.

    keep fighting
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  16. Today I will not use porn because I want to remain me and not get lost in my head of fantasy.

    I want to love and nurture that part of me that feels like it needs porn to feel good. I want to be kind to myself and love myself.

    I want to focus on all the beautiful things life has to offer. Those things and the moment to moment love of life are so much more important than any fantasy that runs in my head.
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  17. Link468

    Link468 Fapstronaut

    Today I will not use porn because I am actually starting to live my life instead of avoiding it.
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  18. 1 Tes. 4:3

    1 Tes. 4:3 Fapstronaut

    Today I will not use porn because I don't want to live a lie
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  19. NFPBee

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    Because I want to be a better person. Better than yesterday!
    Because 7 years of pornography has turned me into a cold person without love.
    Because I want to love again!
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  20. potato bop

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    Today I will not use porn because I need to start living healthier.
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