Dangers of edging: My perspective

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    Hello Fapstronauts,

    This is my first post on NoFap so kindly forgive me if I did any mistake,

    So I have been doing NoFap for about 2 years now, with 1-2 relapses every month, what I want to share is my experience and research on edging, I discovered this practice of edging last year and found it to be a good alternative to ejaculation, but last month I started edging pretty much everyday, which led to some lower back pain, and a swelling just above my right testicle, I googled the symptoms, I was freaked by this, and I thought I'm done now, its either cancer or swollen veins(varicocele), but turns out it was neither of them, after quitting edging the swelling has completely gone, also no more back pain. Since, I practice Yoga and follow ayurveda(traditional Indian medicine) I researched on this topic, I came across some facts that are in ayurveda.

    I ayurveda there is a concept of "Vega". "Vega" can be translated as force/pressure that body produces and when we get that pressure from the body, we must act on it instantly, otherwise it will harm our own body. The most common example is the pressure to pee, if we hold on to pee for a very long time, it becomes harmful for us.
    same is with the pressure to ejaculate, when you stimulate yourself to the point of ejaculation, and stop it by holding the head of your penis, or someway else, it sarts harming your own body, one ayurvedic channel on youtube claimed it can even lead to hydrocele/varicocele/piles. And, in my experience yes it can, so whenever there is an urge which you cant control, it's better to ejaculate than to edge. Note that ayurveda dosen't promote ejaculation or frequent ejaculation, and it prohibits from wasting seminal fluid, and promotes semen retention, it is just that whenever you are at the point of ejaculation, at such point, you should not hold yourself back, as holding the semen back at that particular time can damage your nerves.

    That's it, that's a very short description of the concept of "Vega", you guys can do further research yourself, if ntrested.
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  2. Thanks I got a varicocile from rubbing myself on the bed nightly until i cum. So even though I ejaculated every night I still seems to build up enough pressure to basically knot up a vein in my balls (it may also be because some kid kicked me in the balls and made my balls turn purple). This meant that I had to get surgery done. But after surgery I was fine.although its not edging rooting the bed is not a good method of masterbating.

    I had a friend who was edging and relaxing, edging and relaxing and somehow must have relaxed so much that urine went down the.semen cannel to one of his testicles. It ended up infecting his testicle and it had to be removed. They repositioned his remaining testical in the middle so.it kind of looks normal now he says. It just shows that edging can be dangerous.

    While I'm on this subject a kid at school was born with testicles on his stomach. They moved them down to under his cock. He was always really horny. I presume things worked out for him.
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    Yeah dude, edging is worse than masturbation!
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    wow, actually I found out this pressure damage some weeks ago, Now I'm trying to not pressure, stay relax and I've seen positive results.

    When I was doing pressure (the same pressure I use to pee) in ejaculation , the day after that I feel a very weak flow pee, it was kind of prostatitis problem, but since I stopped doing pressure that problem disappears.

    Sometimes I think that the damage of fapping is because of this pressure and not because the fap, I don't know, it is just a thought, cause there are other people who fap and they are good, maybe the factor is this pressure.

    I also have varicocele maybe because of this pressure, or maybe the fapping... Only time will tell
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    @rudra_worlikar I wish I found your post earlier. What you told is 100% true. Edging is worser than masturbation. I used to edge without ejaculation. Now on ultrasound scan I am diagnosed with epididymal cyst of 3.1 cm. Uroligist suggest this needs surgical removal. I really wish this post is pinned as mandatory reading for new joiners to this community.

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