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    names daniel from ky 42003

    been watching porn since i was 8 watching vhs and family members who introduced me to dirty magazines playboys/other. im 36 turning 37 in October and porn and addiction has made it where i do not know how to communicate with anyone really. turned into a complete hermit. i realized a couple weeks ago this had the stop before it got way out of hand. watching porn really made me think im not good enough for a woman sexually wise/size wise. im trying to capture my life before its over. when i was in college murraystate i turned to porn heavily because i was introduced to the internet. then i got my own pc and things went down hill from there. been in a lot could of had relationships but nothing came from them because of porn. not just gonna blame porn though it was my actions to. before everything i used to take actions a,asks questions, ask for help but now im just walking alone i guess dont know the right words for it. at the moment trying to learn new things online like different languages,modeling/ect and i just cant concentrate from the masturbation and porn.

    sorry for the whole pity party.

    maybe i can find someone to help or talk to. my whole point of signing up.

    what ever information you have please dont hesitate to send my way.

    some things i can ask if possible?
    i have coldturkey blocker(blocksporn/socialmedia/apps
    the thing i really need and have been searching for is a complete list of social sites to block and porn sites.i have tried to contact porn review sites for lists so i can block them but never get a response. im really over hear trying to slay the porn beast alone and need help.

    maybe you know of other browsers/app that block porn

    my goal is to stop completely

    stay hydrated stay fed stay blessed

    bless your journey

    closed mouth doesn't get fed
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