Dating a girl from my job

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Raphael Pereira, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Raphael Pereira

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    Sorry for the bad english.

    Guys... In the past few days i started dating a girl who is really nice, i dont have nothing to complain about. But, the second time she's here, it felt really awful cuz i brought her here knowing there was people around. I did very wrong!
    The result? i felt ashamed and start act like a dumb, we had sex and she didn't see much bothered about it, but it really got me. Next day we were at work, i barelly could look her in the eye and clearly showing i was not happy to be there and now i created a problem. It feels like this problem began in my own mind.

    I dont know guys, if something goes wrong is a lot harder to face it afterwards if you have to spend half your day with the person you were sharing bed.
    I personally dont recomend the experience.
  2. ThaaatGuy

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    Im sorry to hear this, talk to her and say sorry, and say that you are gonna to repair whatever it bother her.

    The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is communication, so try to talk her and good luck.
  3. Marik757

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    Yeah you did something wrong...

    Basically you went on an few dates, screwed her, then at work gave her the cold shoulder treatment...

    To her that says you were only looking to get into her pants. Most likely the relationship is toast at this point, she could start talking to others about what you did and how you treated her, and your job might be in jeopardy.

    You should had been confident to show some light affection and flirting. She was probably wanting you to make the relationship a bit public with other close coworkers regardless of the risks. Unfortunately though it's risky with the job setting, but it would had shown some confidence by saying "Hey, hands off she's mine."

    There is too much risk involved with dating an coworker. Unless you are confident/mature enough on how to handle things I wouldn't date an coworker. Especially the ones working the same shift/department.
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  4. Raphael Pereira

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    We're doing fine these days, she is even wanting to get into a serious relationship.
    I told her i was not willing to bring her here while my mon is around, cuz i feel a bit uncomfortable. She didn't say it, but i realized that we shared the same feeling. You know how this stuff works, guys. Girl here, locked up, netflix and a big bed, the S* eventualy happens.

    Once again, sorry for the bad english.
  5. Capt. U

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    Bruh, I my experience when I dated a girl from work we both got super high and got fired lol. Pretty much don't mix work with pleasure unless you are willing to lose your job for her.
  6. HelplessPleaseHelp?

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    Hey man. I guess it is not easy but try not to overthink it.

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