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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by powerd992, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. powerd992

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    Hi everyone,

    I read the recent posts on the My friends' Godmode and felt inspired.
    This is really motivating, congratulations dude..
    I'm quite a handsome guy, and I've been going to clubs sometimes, only to dance and touch some random girl, yet just one sex experience so far, now I'm 25.

    I sometimes approach random girls, and it's a torture to see a girl embarassed or feeling rejected by my own lack of initiative.
    When I started, at 21, I was super shy, but a lot of girls were into me. Now I'm more talkative, and can approach random girls, even get physical, but cannot proceed with the interactions for more than a few minutes. I got some numbers, but actually I prefer they didn't give me any number.. so that I'd have an excuse to stay at home. But I know that I'll have to break through this other comfort zone now.

    I'm starting to lose hope, and I feel very lonely.
    There are plenty of girls in my university, but I get shy and scared to approach them during the day.

    I'd be interested in creating a post with accountability about meeting new girls and receive some motivation/feedback, someone is interested?
    I think I need daily motivation, because this thing is starting to be a bit obsessive. Perhaps there's a blessing in it, if I change attitude. But it is so difficult.
    I don't want to die with the music inside me.

    By the way, sorry to share my unhappiness and lack of results.
  2. The Wrestler

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    How's it been in the three weeks since you posted?
  3. Tesslynne

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    Would something like "meetup groups" be a bit easier? They don't tend to have people I'M attracted to going to them in my city (I WISH!) but maybe YMMV. It might feel less scary, it's still social and maybe cute girls will attend?

    It depends on where you live though. The scene is more active in some places than others and not in every country etc.

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