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    Dude i love you haha. Epic fight, keep the stories coming, very interesting to read
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  2. So..updates.
    I had two dates since, all with different ladies.

    One was yesterday. She was cool, we had interesting conversations, it felt nice but there was no sexual drive towards her from my side.

    But today... damn.

    I was waiting on the meeting place on the corner. Lots of ppl around in the busy city center. And I saw this lady. 50 meters away, radiating in the crowds of grey matter of other 100s humans. And indeed. Its her. And she comes to me. And she is my date. I was not scared or intimidated. We met, stood there, I talked slowly, no idea about what. Than I kissed her cheeks and we went for a dinner. I was watching her as we ealked and she was beautiful in the ways I like woman to look. Sometimes I stumbled with the conversation, so some tension was there in me... :)

    Than we had a very nice dinner, and the conversation was getting more meaningful, more relaxed and deeper. I was watching her eyes a lot. And ofc her physical features, which were impossible to miss.

    Because her job is physiotherapy and working out with clients. So she is physically perfect.


    Anyway, we left the restaurant for a walk I proposed. THIS TIME, I opened up. Because I knew I should and I really felt it. So I told her this dinner was really great and that I enjoyed her company a lot, and that I like her physically and mentally, and that I saw her from a big distance as she was approaching me 1st time, was really happy she was my date, everything. She basically told me the same, that she liked me 1st moment, that she was nervous, and thats a good sign for her. That she likes how I think, how I look...

    And I had this strong urge to at least grab her, so I offered her my hand and we continued. Her bus was about to arrive in 30 minutes. We walked a while, than we needed to turn 180 degrees and return to the bus, and as we turned, we stood infront of each other and the attraction was just impossible to resist and we started kissing all of sudden. It was unplanned, natural and beautiful. And time started to run in fast motion as we continued. And I felt drunk from the emotions... no alcohol at all. Because she was everything I was looking for the whole time. And the kissing was godlike.

    Tham everything went like we knew each other for a long time. We grabbed our hands and walked and talked. She missed her bus,because the time ceased to exist.

    So I took her home with my car, we kissed a lot. We agreed to dont rush it (Im happy about it) agreed to be nice to each other and just ride it and see where it gets us.

    Tomorrow we set a date for friday. And we continue.

    So... if I want and try, this will be it.
    Its just about dedicating myself to her. Forget all other ladies, and dive into this.
    And Im quite sure I will do it. Because theres nothing better to look for in my eyes. You got to say stop, and focus on what is, than to look for better. This was better than everything, so fuck looking for the next best.

    I think I will commit to this and see what happens.

    And the moral of the story...

    All the tactics, games... If u meet your match, you match and thats it. It happens and you dont have to think about it, u just have to allow it.

    On the other hand... what would happen, if I had not the experience from previous dates? And I would keep the feelings to myself? Like always? Yes... u never know. But me opening totally changed everything that evening. I made this beautiful lady flush in red... when I said it. So it hit the spot really hard.

    Still hard to believe this really happened.
    But it did. She was my cca 20th date. She is the type of lady men are scared to aproach. Thats why she was single now..

    Still can feel her aroma on my lol

    So fingers crossed, lets see where the ride takes us
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  3. 2nd date with the lady. All goes smooth, no plans, just meet and go from there. No tactics, strategies... we want the same thing, so no need for anything like that.

    Its very pleasant, talking goes smooth, non verbal communication goes smooth and feels great. Im quite happy. She is a personal trainer.. honestly, I would also be scared to approach her. And without tinder, I would never meet her. She is completely out of my social bubble.

    I checked her web pages before this date, the magazine covers, gym photo sessions, and I thought Im dreaming. Than I pick her up in front of the gym and its her. Wtf :D

    Im not a gym type, not really in best shape, not fat, but deffo far from jacked. But its truth woman do not really put so huge emphasis on our looks. They want other things. They want us confident, and they want us to make em feel good. To laught. To listen what they say. To have our own opinions... and indeed, the chemistry. It is there or not. Biceps change jack sh!t about chemistry... chemistry is a DNA type of attraction.

    Well, Im sure my streak has something to do with it as well :D

    The longer I abstain, the better dates I had, and more of them. Still same account, still same photos, just more and more matches from better and better looking females. I ended up dating basically top models last 14 days. No explanation to that at all.

    Sure thing is, that 2 years back, I would not be able to hold such dates, I would just stutter some BS and it would end in 5 minutes... hail noPMO! :)

    Really, now I can see.... before I was a PMO addict, forever alone.. forever empty, forever high on weed, alcohol, smelling from cigarettes.. its already 2 years. And the changes come slowly, but they have big effect.

    One thing would be fine... that my flatline might end :) I feel Im not ready and need more time... but I have AT LEAST 14 days till anything happens. Because after 7 days I leave 4 holidays... and possibly more. I dont wanna rush this, and she is the same... this will be a 1st time I do it this way.
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    dude youre actually winning. see, your low sex drive is making them feel unwanted and yes they are complaining but thats good because girls respond very well to being made to feel negative emotions. they are taking it personally and trying to lash out and put it on you for not being "confident" but ultimately your continued disinterest is just making them feel crappy.
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  5. Tomorrow is our 3rd date...

    She send me some vids of her poledance training in she is crazy fit and flexible.

    Im not sure how I will feel when we get naked in future. And be4 u go "hit the gym hard dude" rest assured I cant, thanks for understanding.

    And thats all... just this.

    I told her I dont have the body she is used to see from a gym, when we talked about some other stuff. She told me that maybe not, but the gym guys dont have the brain I have neither.

    So she might actually dont care too much.

    Anyway Im looking fwd our date, ir was always good. She asked me what colour of clothing she should wear etc, its nice. She will be a lady in white, I like light colors on her.

    And friday morning I leave for holidays, 9 days on yacht sailing. Some swiming... why not. Need something to turn my brain off and to think about different things.

    I wonder what will come up from this. It seems too good to be truth honestly. But it would be cool, so who knows. Im not really intimidated by her at all, maybe just admiring her physical look and doubting mine. Thats more like it. But she can see me, and hopefully knows what she gets, so... whatever.

    Its just, she was at world championship at fitness etc, it gets to your head...

    Good nite
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  6. Ok the date went awesome, long semi-boring film in cinema and half empty room made a space for a lot of physical interaction. Found out her neck is supersensitive and this revealed a glimpse of how she will behave sexually and I really liked what I saw. All in all it was 5 hours date, flew by like nothing.

    This might actually head in the direction I was hoping for, some solid relationship where both parties give each other tons of freedom and no requests for children etc.

    Cant wait till we move on another level ;)
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