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    Before I got deep in this pmo thing, I used to know a lot of girls who could have been my girlfriends or wives one day. That was in my teenage to my early 20's. Some of those girls even gave hint romantically to talk to them. A lot of them were in my school promotion, some were long distance and I used sell them my intentions. Some agreed and some weren't. However I lost control of everything, I become disinterested in pretty much everything. So life became an hassle as I got deep into pmo.

    After 7 years of pmo, I finally reach 90 days and 6 months. So my head started to clear from brain fog and I went back to social media especially Facebook. Then I've noticed most of those girls have kids now, some get married, posting pics on Facebook.

    I'm thinking once I'm finished with the reboot, how I'm gonna get my dating life back as I'm approaching 30 years old.

    Any Suggestions welcome...!
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