Dating For Abstinence!...wait! Whaaaaa?

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    I think the main reason I have failed at many of my goals

    was because the ultimate reward was the O.

    A man does a reboot, and comes out remodeled.

    Immediately women want him.

    He succumbs to the woman.

    All progress stops.

    He's chasing the dragon all over again.

    The chaser effect goes on longer than the reboot.

    Then, before he realizes it, he's back to square one.

    His muscle gains, intellectual gains, and life goals are ruined.

    That's why I think a man needs to make OTHER GOALS

    than rebooting/streaking to get women.

    For example:

    If you want to build a business, you build it to -

    turn a profit.

    If you want to succeed in music, you do it -

    because you love it for what it is.

    If you go to the gym, you workout to-

    get stronger, lose weight, develop cardiovascular endurance, look better, and more.

    Can you see how this model is better for NoFap success?

    You put in effort for the result.

    A + B = C

    X + 5 = 8

    If I decide my life goal is to build a business to get chicks,

    then I've made a non-statement, like this:

    X + 5 = 8, X = 18

    You've put 18 and 5 into an equation that only comes out with 8.

    See the problem?

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