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Dating right now, how to fix PIED, please help

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by nifahs, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. nifahs

    nifahs Fapstronaut

    I have been dating a really nice loving girl who is very caring, since early February. I never had PIED with her that was too serious, but it developed recently. I can still have sex with her, however I go limp, and my erection is not even close to fully hard. I haven't PMOed in ~2 months, although I watched porn on Friday, to test my erection, didn't orgasm though. Not going to do this again.

    I have had sex with her ~ 10 times or more, and we even had great sex that lasted ~50 mins at one point, of penetration, but I cannot do that anymore. I do practice sperm retention, however haven't been able to get over 16 days of sperm retention so far.

    I have a feeling that my ED is getting worse because my body needs full sexual arousal abstinence to recover. I told her, let's not have sex or do anything arousing for 2 months, and I'll work on a bunch of other things, that way my erection will be harder, and won't go limp during sex. She agreed.

    This is my plan:
    - sperm retention
    - no sexual arousal whatsoever (I finally have the discipline to do this, I say that with confidence)
    - regular sprints, regular working out
    - very little soy/flax (plant estrogens in these foods)
    - plenty of spices for sexual function
    - make sure I'm getting: zinc, omega 3s, vitamin d3 (any more suggestions?)
    - I'm looking into taking funergreek and tribulus
    - no weed/cigarettes/alcohol

    Doing the above for 2 months at least

    BTW I would like to mention I have an active lifestyle, am vegan, and I wake up with a morning wood almost every morning. So I know my ED is not hormonal, or circulatory, rather just mental due to porn.

    I am confident this will work, but I have watched porn from ages 15 to 23, about once every 2 days on average (I'm 23 right now), for I'd say 30 mins on average, will these 2 months be enough to cure the ED, especially with the sperm retention and other things mentioned?

    Also, would giving my girlfriend quick kisses on the lips (not making out) just to say hi and good bye when I see her, as well as cuddling her, interfere with my recovery? This is the real question I want to know the answer of. Because when I cuddle her, I do start having precum.

  2. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

    Better test with your partner

    Your plan is good , as your diet. In my diet i include 2 eggs per day to boost hormons, but i know this can not help you, maybe extra virgin oil is good for you.

    If you want quick results go for No PMO in this two months , do not edge.

    I do not think this will be a problem , it is a stimulation from a real person. Do not let her provoke you sexually.
  3. Why would you do that?! Doing what caused the problem won't fix the problem. Please don't watch porn ever.
    Sperm retention and semen retention are myths. If you really did retain them, they'd eventually go rotten and you'd get violently ill. Your body simply gets rid of old sperm and semen through natural ways, and replaces them.
    That's a great gf you have!

    You have made a number of dietary decisions, but remember that your problem is in the brain's pathways and receptors, nothing to do with nutrition. Avoiding all artificial sexual stimulation is good; however, allow yourself to feel sexually excited by your gf. After all, the whole point is to rewire your brain from porn to a real woman.

    Cutting out all recreational drugs (cannabis, tobacco and alcohol) is an excellent idea regardless of PIED. That will improve your health and extend your longevity. You should do that for longer than two months — a lifetime would be better. A small amount of alcohol, occasionally, with food and social company, won't hurt you, but if you choose to go teetotal, that's also good.
    It's more than "just mental". Your brain is physically altered through porn use. The three main ones are your brain's dopamine receptors; its neural pathways; and a shrunken frontal cortex. They will all heal with time as long as you stay clear of porn and recreational drugs. Unfortunately, your porn viewing on Friday reversed your progress somewhat, but at least you have learned from that.
    Up to a point, yes. Unfortunately, it takes at least seven months or more (depending on various factors) to heal fully.
    Kisses with your gf are not a problem. In fact, feeling stimulated by her and not by porn or masturbation is good, because it helps your brain to rewire. Getting precum with cuddles with her is good news, because it means that your brain hasn't forgotten that physical touch is good. Getting physical with your gf is healthy sex. Watching porn is unhealthy.

    When you are with your gf, be mindful of the feelings, so that you can fully concentrate on them and train your brain to pay attention. Don't put any pressure on yourself to perform, and don't fight any feelings. If you get an erection, great! If you don't, also great! Just accept your feelings. You relapsed on Friday, so you might have to go through a bout of flatline. If that happens, don't panic — just continue to be mindful and be grateful for the healing.
  4. nifahs

    nifahs Fapstronaut

    Thanks for the reply guys

    Why do you say stimulation is fine from a real person yet not to let her provoke me sexually?
    However the thing is that I feel at this time, not attracted to her enough to have sex or even try, I feel like my body wants me to rest from all sexual arousal, because I don't have a desire, and I it feels to me that trying will damage it more, I feel this intuitively, that my body just wants a rest from sex and all arousal, that's why I made that plan with her.
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  5. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

    I don't know if you want to do No PMO , or No PM , but it's fine in any case.
    In the first case , no PMO , if she provokes you , this can be a strong trigger.
  6. nifahs

    nifahs Fapstronaut

    I want to do no PMO as I think that will help me recover the best, gut feeling tells me this...
  7. I'm getting that your stating your ED is the main problem your having. Is that right? Well, it sounds to me like your way to self conscious and trying to use extreme measures to correct your situation. Just relax and stop thinking about all of it. If you and your girlfriend, whom you said you have already slept with, intend to continue your relationship, then, have as much contact as possible. Intercourse is only one of a whole variety of pleasurable sexual contact you can have together. Maybe give her a full body sensual oiled massage and bring her to O. You will feel like a man, and be taking care of her needs. Have fun! Like my Dad told me once,"Leave it alone...it'll grow." Tell her you want a BJ and it will probably cure your ED. Tell jokes about your ED to relax. As far as supplements go the best is: Citrulline Malate by Allmax. It helps expand blood vessels and consequently make you bigger. Your young and have a lot to learn. Relax man!
  8. That's why I wrote that you shouldn't put pressure on yourself. Just be mindful and accept whatever feelings you have, without judgement. Forcing sex is, as you correctly surmise, unhelpful; but so too is forcing non-sex. As long as your feelings happen naturally, there's no problem, and indeed helps to rewire your brain. Don't push it either way.
    That's not how PIED works. It has nothing to do with being self-conscious, but instead to do with the brain's neural pathways and the dopamine receptors. The OP is correct in taking strong measures, because that's the fastest way to heal the brain's damage.

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