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  1. I am almost 10 weeks in on hardmode. I a few days ago opened a few saying site accounts. I now find myself constantly texting women. I can't help myself. I tell them I want to hang as a friend but really I am fantasizing about having sex with them.

    I want to continue on hardcore but me being horny and lonely is making this hard.

  2. What's wrong with having sex with them? Isn't that why you're trying to meet them? Now I'd avoid fantasizing about them and masturbating to the fantasy, but what's wrong with meeting up with them and potentially having sex? Seems good in my book, unless you become a lampshade in someone's apartment. :emoji_grimacing:
  3. I am on hardmode.
  4. A small example to highlight your situation. Consider a notorious child whose all the demands have been taken care of by his parents. He literally resort to crying and other means to get whatever he wants.

    After years of porn and that dopamine release, your brain has become like that child. Your neural pathways have been altered and your dopamine balance have been affected due to pmo. That happened to all of us.

    Now, after some days of nofap, your brain is doing all that it can to release that dopamine through seemingly other ways. It knows that you have always listened to it and its trying to trick you again. But we all know where its going to end finally. Not something that you would want.

    You have to accept the thoughts of lust /sexual desires when they pop up. Accept them. But don't follow them. You give them the strength by following them. Timing is important sir. You have to cut them off in first 2 seconds or less else you would end up back to square one sooner.

    I wish you all the best. Let's keep fighting for the beautiful life :)
  5. Oh shit, no sex? Yeah man I'd stay away from the dating sites then. What's wrong with sex though?
  6. Hardmode. Means no sex, masturbation or any orgasm. With the exception of wrt dreams. Nothing wrong with sex, it's just that my brain got comes back after sex.
  7. Damn man. That shit is a challenge right there. Good luck. Maybe one day I'll try it.
  8. It's hard but man, when the superpowers kick in you feel like an animal.
  9. I've yet to feel these superpowers and that's kind of discouraging. I know that it will get better, but when you feel pretty much the exact same as you do when you're pmoing, it's hard to keep doing it. At best I've felt a little happier and a little more confident, but that's about it. It's better than nothing, but I don't feel absolutely amazing. I'm only ten days in though.
  10. It takes time and will power. It took me almost 3 months on hardmode to get these superpowers. Also you should eat healthy (eat more salads), excersize, and I take vitamin supplements. For supplements I take a general vitamin supplement, L-Tyrosine, and L-Argenine.
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    I am on hardmode at the moment. What are these superpowers you speak of? I currently go to the gym 3 days a week so I am hoping for something amazing, don't let me down @Daniel856512114 :p
  12. I'll check out those supplements. Yeah I'm gonna keep going with it and see how it goes. It's still better than PMOing.
  13. Better mood, more energy, the world looks brighter. But be careful some stupid bitch might say I you look retarded on online dating..... just saying. Hell.... I might join MGTOW.
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    Just as someone who wants to build muscle you won’t see results immediately but if you love the journey and process of it you will reap the benefits
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  15. Really? Damn I didn't know it would take that fucking long. I'm just gonna keep going with it. I'm almost at my best record. Right now my longest streak is 14 days at the most, so at least I'll break new ground if I can make it past that point.
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    Trust me bro just keep on keeping I’ve gone for more than a yr and seen some changes but at this point this is a lifestyle change and has given me a lot of insight about myself and I continue to try to reach my goals and improve for the better not so I can get a woman or to be able to have sex again I’m doing this to better myself and take care of myself and to find my higher purpose and live a more god fearing life but NoFap is different for a lot of people and your goals my be different this guy puts it in perspective

  17. DUDE! That's my guy right there. I watch him a lot. He's a fucking trip hahaha. Yeah I watched that video the other day. He's right when he says mastering NoFap is like lifting a 1000 lb deadlift. It takes fucking years. I just figured that I'd feel more results right now than I do, but I understand completely. I do feel better honestly, but I'm not feeling a lot of improvement yet. I'm only on day 13 anyway. It will take my brain a long time to rewire itself. Anyway, thanks for the response.
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    No problem Gabe is the man and when he impersonates people I laugh because they are so but I now he is being serious af
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    Dating Apps/Sites are just a backdoor method your brain is using to circumvent porn. You have to be honest with yourself. Delete the app/stop visiting the site and be mindful of every time your mind wanders to thoughts about this site.
    This is a classic stumbling block for many, I've been there too.
    After a while you wise up and realise that not only is it a slippery slope back to porn, but Internet dating sites have their own myriad of issues you could write essays on.
    Snap out of it soldier, your will power has to be better than this if you are gonna make it.
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    Well said! I fantisize porn isn’t even my thing but dating websites is where I realized my life had become unmanageable. On a dating website I can be whatever a woman needs. It is so much more than a slippery slope it is escalation of a disease.

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