David J. Ley Ph.D is a fraud who’s goal is to harm us

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  1. Look him up on Google or Twitter and read all of his rantings about how wonderful porn is and how there’s absolutely no such thing as porn addiction. There’s others like him and they actually have the nerve to call themselves scientists. If porn addiction isn’t real then why are millions upon millions of teens and young men developing crippling ED and other sexual dysfunctions? Are we all just imagining that we are addicted and thus our dicks just stop working?

    I am so angry at these people I can barely think right now.
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    Yes. Unfortunate. We are in the same place with porn that we were with cigarettes in the 1940’s. Into the 1980’s, even in the face of overwhelming evidence of the massive health risks associated with smoking, there were industry connected “experts” who refuted ANY connection. The monetary stakes are enormous for the world wide porn industry so never expect any kind of mea culpa from them. Also, being an “expert” with an opinion and agenda for hire can be extremely lurcrative. Especially if the industry you’re defending is dripping cash. Don’t get too upset by this parasite
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    It’s going to take a heck of a PR person to come up with a slogan that will override “ Porn-We’ll Make Your Dick Stop Working!”
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  4. I know I shouldn’t but with people like this out there it only prolongs suffering and encourages other people to fall in the porn trap. It’s beyond disgusting. He might as well be on TV talking about the virtues of crack.
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    The so-called “doctor” blocked me after I called him out on his bullshit. These scumbags should not be allowed to spread their lies, they need to be called out.
  6. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/experts/david-j-ley-phd

    Since he blocked me from his Twitter page I hunted down this guy on another site. They allow you to send messages to the “doctor” so I did. This is what I said:

    “You can’t debunk porn addiction because it’s real, I’m living proof of it. You going to “debunk” evolution and the moon landings next? Maybe you’ll debunk the idea that Earth is a globe and finally prove that it’s flat. As long as you perpetuate the lie that porn addiction doesn’t exist you will always be a fraud. Stop being a dinosaur and get with the times, your scientific views on porn are dangerously wrong.”
    1. First they ignore you
    2. Then they laugh at you
    3. Then they fight you
    4. Then you win
    - commonly misattributed to Mohandas Ghandi (see here )

    That asshole has promoted us to step 3.

    "Can a man have good sexuality if he has self-induced impotence ?"

    Except for thousands of young, healthy guys who had terrible ED until they subtracted one thing from their lives: PMO

    He's terrified - I can smell the fear.

    And well he should be: Gary Wilson dismantles him here: https://www.yourbrainonporn.com/rel...ust-rely-on-good-science-in-porn-debate-2016/
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