1. Hello Friend

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    It was going to be a different beginning, but...
    I feel sad, angry and weak.
    When I see someone relapses after 185, you know what I think of? I be like "What if I do the same after 100 days?" and that scares me. Maybe it doesn't matter what day you are on. You just need to protect every single day against Evil desires. But it's so hard.

    I remember my longest streak was 40 Days (watching some P on Day like 20). In that time, I used to pray every single morning at 5:00 AM. Talking to God made me feel so calm and happy. It was like a meditation.
    I failed this time because I thought it's easy. Also, I didn't do anything to change my terrible lifestyle.
    Every day, I play video games for hours which makes me feel tired and empty. I wanna do many useful things this summer but I've wasted my time with PS4 so far.

    Daily exercises, Reading books, Improving my handwriting, Bates method, Coding, Hanging out with friends, Waking up at 5:00 AM and praying...
    I really wanna do these things.
    It's exactly 45 Days until my Birthday.
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  2. Wall_E

    Wall_E Fapstronaut

    Wish you best of luck
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  3. Hello Friend

    Hello Friend Fapstronaut

    Thank you Wall_E:)...OMG I missed WALL-E! Wanna watch it again.
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  4. Wall_E

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    You're welcome! Wall-E was a very impressive character.
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  5. Hello Friend

    Hello Friend Fapstronaut

    It could've been day 367...but look at me...it's 0.
    How many times did I fail in this year? who knows...
    Why is it so hard to beat this addiction?
    What's wrong with me?
  6. AyomideKenny

    AyomideKenny Fapstronaut

    It will go..Trust me

    You have taken the first bold step

    Now, get rid of all porn triggers in your life, be it on your phone etc

    Identify your vulnerability, may be in the night, or morning, Identify it and try to replace it with something else, say devotion, meditation, book reading etc

    Then, let's start the journey to reboot
  7. Wish you all the best. I think the solution to abstain from PMO is not just concentration towards PMO but also taking on your responsibilities or useful activities and make a healthier life.
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  8. Your problem and you named it is that you put way too much value on those fucking numbers. Man, it doesn't mean anything. When you will focus on improving your life without giving a shit about what day you are on, that is where it will become interesting. Personally I like day counters cause it permits me to see my progress overtime since I note everything in a habit tracking app. But it stops there. This thing is just a tool, so use it as it is. Stay strong friend.
  9. You fail to stick to a plan. That's all.
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  10. Ferns

    Ferns Fapstronaut

    Bro don’t think about “oh it could’ve been x days if I hadn’t...” like that’s a bad way to tackle Nofap journey. Nofap is a tool towards self improvement as it teaches us discipline by learning to resist our urges.

    Nofap is not the end all be all so don’t sweat too much on going back to Day 0. What matters is how much you’ve made progress yourself but that doesn’t mean you can just binge away all the time making excuses.

    Focus on bettering yourself in life by doing your passion/purpose. Not everything worthwhile is easy. We improve by going through battles that most people just straight up give up.

    Don’t give up!
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