Day 1 - Hard Mode, advice from long-time fapstronauts

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    Holy fuck, y'all.
    I haven't been here in over a year, but I didn't go all in like I could have. During that time, I justified any/every use of PMO I could think of - and my addiction spiraled out of control. Again. I felt miserable, slimy, and worthless, yet I exponentially craved more dopamine from porn, OF girls, and cam girls. Shame and anxiety perpetuated this vicious cycle - but after practicing mindfulness, growing in my Christian walk, and healing from unresolved trauma/pain, I can safely say I'm done for good. No compromise, nothing half-assed, I'm all in on hard mode for my own good. Indefinitely. Most likely until I'm in a steady relationship
    For as long as I can remember, I've used PMO as a coping mechanism to deal with depression, anxiety, stress, and simply because it felt good. But I hate it. I hate the feeling I get when the high crashes and I become anxious, self-loathing, and exhausted. I feel like a zombie. I'm terrified of the withdrawals I had every time I tried quitting on hard mode - flu-like symptoms, nausea, lethargy...
    But enough negativity... I have nothing to lose!
    When I put my energy into getting work done, going for a walk, reading, or going to the gym, I feel like a new man... confident, strong, attractive, capable, unshakable, something I've never felt consistently before. I've never considered myself that "type" of man because I didn't think I was capable of it. Clearly, that's bullshit!
    For those who have successfully completed Hard Mode: if you had withdrawals, what helped you push through them? What successfully helped you change your mindset and avoid porn for good?
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