Day 1, Indroduction

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    I'm Srinath, from India.
    I never addicted to porn but mastrubation. So decided to Control my urge.
    And also i reduced my counting of mastrubation.
    I was 11, I started, I was 19, I realised it is enough, IN 2019, I was Tried to control my urge.
    2012 to 2018, I mastrubation 3-times a day, Hence 6048-times i had mastrubated in this 6-years.
    1010-times a year (365-days).
    in 2019, Records, I had Mastrubated 150-times in a year(365-days).
    This Year i will decided to reduced the count or totally stop the mastrubation habit.

    - Thanks
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  2. LOL I'm not even going to do the math on my end, I might freak out
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