Day 1: Starting nofap once again..

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  1. Due, I am in the exact same place as you are in right now including the messy room. I find it difficult doing the slightest task to improve my life. I have been a member since last year and I went on the worst relapse since my freshman year of college. That was between November '19 and now this very moment. I am truly ready to get back on this. Yours was the first post I decided to read upon m return.

    Good Luck to you.

    Thinking about love, real love, what is should be and not tainted by pornographic sex's influence is one of the things that helps me sleep restfully and if I dream about it that gives me hope of what good can come back to me.
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    best of luck
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    Thanks brother day 2 going strong and going hard all of todays goals are completed
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    (Actual) Day 1: Yesterday was hell of a day, I relapsed because the urges just would not stop. I guess it's because of my previous relapse (dirty mind, sudden dopamine boost etc.), I won't be so dramatic about yesterday though, it was so hard that I don't even blame myself. But guess what, I will continue to fight this addiction therefore ->: This day was easy but I really saw how the company you are in is affecting your thoughts on porn, because of that I have to be smart about fighting the loneliness.

    Also :
    Thanks and thanksx2 for letting me know how this forum works more. Because of people that are following this thread I will make a new one either:
    -after 15 days
    because of what msgcommander said (btw thanks for the idea brother, I recorded my voice and I will use it)
    -after I relapse again (hopefully not)
    2. Big thanks to all of you for making me stronger (even you Chinese guy)
    Peace dudes.
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    Day 2: I woke up at 11 A.M and worked until 5 P.M, the work was great, I released my energy, I didn't have any urges, all is nice. I'm still kind of lonely but if I manage to work everyday then maybe this feeling will go away. Peace
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    As many of the follow fapstronauts already mentioned.

    1.) Accept that this is a real problem and that you wan't it out of your life
    2.) Educate yourself on this topic, to the point where you can teach this to someone else like a university professor.(i provided a link to a page that is kind of like the ultimate overview of pmo)
    3.) Once you start this journey, take one thing at a time and make increments of progress. That is key here. Don't tell yourself you will exercise everyday if you never exercised before or that you will not use the internet, etc. Don't make unrealistic promises to yourself. It can do more harm than good.
    4.) Exercise vigorously! Even if its just having long walks or walking to work, take strides in taking care of your physical health. In the end, you need to feel good about how you feel in your own skin. For a little boost in getting your mojo back, I would recommend making friends with squats and deadlifts. (take Zinc as supplement)
    5.) Know your cues and trigger signs that lead to pmo. This is cruicial. Knowing this or not can be the key to your success. For instance, if your graphic video games / comic books have pictures and scenes that will trigger your mind to pmo, then your best bet is to avoid it until you can easily brush it off. For me personally, the triggers came on the next day of a long drinking night. It can come in all shapes and color so prepare to be vigilant if you do not know yet.
    6.) Put yourself in uncomfortable situations. For me, I personally wake up 1 hour earlier than I am supposed to and start my day with a cold shower. With the extra time I have, I am on this forum and it helps me keep accountable.
    7.) If you ever relapse, that doesn't really make you take 1000 steps back. Although your count restarts from 0, the progress you make doesn't suddenly gets erased. Think of it as a muscle.
    8.) If you relapse, NEVER BINGE for the next couple days. This is probably the worst thing you can do in terms of your nofap journey. if you relapse, don't give yourself an excuse and be resilient!
    9.) Once you start physically noticing your benefits, for me it was my tiger like eye contact with anyone I spoke with and the looks I have been getting from the ladies, I became more and more determined.

    Anyone can do it, and everyone has been where you are feeling at the moment and it sucks. But I encourage you to be active in these forums and to start rebooting.

    I wish you the best brother and hope you make the life change today. Don't you want to be the best version of yourself?? I know everyone has that version of themselves in their head. I believe you will be him one day!
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    I'm just now thinking about jumping back on the trend for 3 months and see what I feel, I'm looking for someone to talk to and maybe have a ap
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    Hi guys, I relapsed yesterday but i’m ready to go again now. So day 1 today.
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    Day 3: It was a working day (like yesterday) but urges were much stronger than before - even now I wonder how bad it will be when I will try to sleep. Nonetheless I'm fighting.
    Big thank you brother. Peace dudes
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    Day 4: It was exhausting, I didn't go to work because I had an argument with my father and my ego didn't let me. The urges were very strong because my energy wasn't released and I sat on a computer for (I believe) 13 hours. When I was very close to doing it, I prayed -> made 100 push-ups at once -> I went to the bathroom and kept my head in the cold water for 5 minutes -> and I managed to survive (no matter how funny it sounds). I also pressured myself to play video games although I'm not such a gamer anymore, anything to keep me away for PMO. Peace dudes -
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    Day 5: Urges calmed down a little. My day was very boring at first and if I had any urges I think I wouldn't survive it - but I found some cool videos from Vsauce and played monopoly with my family and didn't have a single argument -> also I beat my record, now I can officially do 110 push-ups. I'm happy but I can't lower my guard though, I should always find new priorities for the next day if I don't want to jerk off because of boredom. Peace
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    Day 6: I'm infatuated (not in love), and I'm such a cretin, I know the reasons why I shouldn't be with this girl but hell.. I and she are both lonely, she likes me, I don't even know her that much but I like her looks that's why my instinctive brain questions reality. I really want a relationship but I also don't want it because I shouldn't, ah jeez... Anyway, I didn't have any strong urges today, I have new responsibilities, even harder than before so I think my fight will be a little easier from now on (unless this girl will wreck my life but I doubt it). I made a mistake I should learn from, never make a decision when you are too happy, I told this girl that I will chat with her tommorow but I knew I shouldn't. Be strong dudes - peace
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    Day 7: Okay I think I managed to fix my previous problem, I think I was awkward enough to the point she doesn't like me this way anymore xD. To the fapping problem: I had urges today, but they were weird; it wasn't "think about girls, aren't girls sexy? ah yes, you should totally masturbate right now or else you won't be focused on anything else" it was more like a force of habit, I felt like I have to do it; I survived of course and I feel much stronger now. Thanks for reading and peace dudes
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    I lost. There was no reason. I'm just a shitty person. I didn't have any strong urges or anything, I was just bored. I feel like it was completely my decision. My apathy went up again but I still feel bad. It's not the pain like I experienced before but it's drilling my heart. I can't believe that I just did that out of boredom, just like that, so quick... I wish I was somebody else, someone who has motivation to do anything and is determined, I'm just a pile of shit. I hope God didn't forsaken me now , but why do I hope that? Am I going to win against this addiction? AH I CAN'T BE SO DRAMATIC IF I WANT TO LIVE. This pandemic pisses me off. Every day I have almost 0 responsibilities, no friends, no teachers, I wish I could go back to school and sit there from 8 A.M to 5 P.M, maybe even longer. I don't want the freetime, I want a job. I'm still dramatic and now I seem insane, why do I keep forgetting how shitty the masturbation is? Day 0, be stronger than me, dudes
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    Okay, I'm sorry for the cringe. I was still dramatic even at the end. I think my feelings calmed down a little. All what this situation means is that it's another mistake I need to learn from. And I came to the conclusion that no more sitting on twitter and really restricted watching youtube. I already mentioned it before in the previous post (I think it was 5 days ago) but it takes about 7 months to recover your mind from porn, just because I have tons of free time doesn't mean that I must watch all of today's culture trash (If that sentence makes sense, sorry for english). Have luck dudes, peace
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