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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Mohamed Hariri, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. I masturbated and watched porn today and yesterday, but check this out I have only done it three times in a 33 day span which is amazing because I am telling my body that I am going to quit. I will quit, sometimes I get so excited because I know I'm going to quit. My friends tell me "Mohamed, you know the missing key for you is, you need to have sex with a girl or get a girl you hangout with time to time". Which is my mind is right, I do got to find a girl I can spend time with, learn from and just even give her advice to... I will make this habit go away I believe in me...
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  2. numpty

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    Now it will take you 33 days to get back to 33 days again! Instead you could have reached 66 days....

    Next time tell yourself that ^ when you get urge or going to fap....
  3. No you got it wrong I have done it 3 times in a 33 day span... But that is a good sign because my mind knows that I am quitting...

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    Well done! 3 is my record lol. Starting again tomorrow, I'm aiming for 30
  5. Yes start small then work your up I am aiming for 30 as well. They say after 30 its smooth sailing for some people. For me this is just a habit...

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