1. Miguelrojas1016

    Miguelrojas1016 New Fapstronaut

    Just saw a video on Alpha M YouTube. I have had a porn addiction for a very long time, I'm married and it has had a negative affect on my marriage. I hope to quite watching porn and masterbating. I watch porn at work, I watch it when I get home, I watch it while I am driving home. It's bad and I feel so ashamed. I lie to my wife and tell her I quite watching porn a 3 months ago but it is only getting worse. Well wish me luck and imma give this a try.
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  2. Shockedbuddy

    Shockedbuddy Fapstronaut

    Hey, wish you luck.
    Everything would change and became really bright and real when you quit.
    It's a good journey for the better you.
    Wish you success!

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