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    I have been trying to actively quit PMO now for a little over 2+ years. I have not been able to abstain for 30 days, as that has been my goal. I never viewed it as a problem until my girlfriend told me it offended her. I also was caught when I was 13, and my mom shamed me for it. I am at a point in my life where I want to truly be my most confident self. I find that the more and more I PMO, it leaves and unsatisfying feeling/depressed feeling. But why do I return to that? I have done the research, and seen the many benefits when you stop PMO, and that motivates me even more. This seems to be the biggest challenge in my life right now, and im going to conquer it. I realize I need more help from a strong community, and those that can relate. I want to be a better boyfriend, and family member, and live a more productive healthy lifestyle. I'm here to relieve and give support.
    El camino
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    All the benefits from quiting PMO are so worth it! I wish you best luck!
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    Good luck on your journey mate. You will get loads of support on here.

    Keep fighting the fight and stay strong.

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