1. What’s up ladies and gents!

    I have had a 90+ Day streak in the past. I have recognized a familiar trend in all of my attempts. It seems consistently summarize to sense of intentionality. The moment you begin to lose sight of your WHY, temptation lingers into your mind.

    Since relying on Will Power has its limitations, we need to be consciously aware of the situations we place our mind and body within. If you have a strong sense of your triggers, be extra mindful about them. For me, staying up past midnight is a trigger. Also, lacking a sense of routine is a trigger. I feel my sense of guard is most down during these two scenarios. In other words, this is when I feel most tempted. To regain intentionality, I need to be mindful of my daily schedule and sleep schedule, which can be accomplished by setting small goals. Accomplishing these small goals throughout the day creates momentum and purpose in contrast to PMO, which is an easy choice and action to make. I try to carry this momentum throughout the day to hopefully go to bed “on time.”

    These 10 days have been different. I have experienced great temptation to indulge into PMO the last few days. However, I know it’s due to my lack of being intentional. My WHY: I hope to eventually marry a beautiful woman; have a thriving and passionate marriage; honor and respect her; focusing on learning, growing and playing. I want my love to be genuine and concentrated on her. I DO NOT want to cheat on her emotionally, physically or mentally. Partaking in PMO is cheating.

    How can I find success in this?
    Psalm 51:10-12.
    Rely on intentionality. Ask God daily for a change in heart and a purified mind. We are designed to relate to each other by fellowship, not use each other’s physical body’s for pleasure. I know this sucks. I understand. However, continue to ask yourself WHY and rely on Jesus.
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  2. Inspiring words, thank you.

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