Day 100 of semen retention!!

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Gripresister, Sep 7, 2023.

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    Well Guys. I made it past the 90 day mark and I liked the benefits I’ve gotten from this so I said why not. Let’s keep this streak going.
    For a little back story I was exposed to porn at 11 years old (currently 23)
    It became over a decade long addiction. My longest streak was in 2017 when I went exactly 75 days without a nut. Currently this is my longest streak since I was 11. I have more energy, less brain fog, more ambition all the benefits etc. etc.
    HOWEVER. I had a wet dream on day 65 and on and off since day 65 I’ve been increasingly horny at times but I’ve learned to build will power and the ability to say no. But these last 10 days from day 90 to day 100 I’ve found myself searching up porn again I wouldn’t jack off or touch myself I’d immediately turn it off. Is this normal for me to have these strong urges again after being off masturbation for 100 days?

    EDIT: I have been jelqing and doing Kegals lately for my sexual health (due to excessive PMO I’ve suffered from ED from time to time) not sure if these practices play a role?
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    100 days isn’t enough to reach the zen/monk/saint state where you never look at porn or MO again…

    maybe after 10 years no MO/PMO or any porn viewing you will be at that advanced of a level

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