Day 108 of no MO reflections

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Other Side, Mar 22, 2015.

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    This streak has been amazing so far! It's been a roller coaster though for sure!

    Over the last 108 days, I have not M or O, and I've only glanced at P for a few minutes on average maybe once every two weeks. It has been almost a month since the last P view, and this time I am ready to continue this streak forever. I have also not had sex, and not had a wet dream. I have been praying and meditating for at least an hour every day, to try and transmute any energy into positive vibes instead of sexual energy. My goal is to eventually follow total Brahmacharya.

    -I have a very physically athletic job and also do athletic activity for hours every day on the side; After 10 hours of using my body to its fullest, I fall right asleep, then wake up the next day feeling completely refreshed and not sore at all. I can literally go without a rest day and still maintain all my muscle tissue.
    -When I meditate and pray, I feel this full body cooling and refreshing sensation so strong, it almost feels like an orgasm.
    -I feel calm all the time, and don't anger very easy any more.
    -People actually listen to what I am saying, and people respect me. It seems weird at first, but I am getting used to it.
    -My social skills have increased so much, because I can actively listen with patience, and know what to say and when to say it.
    -In the middle of this streak, I managed to move away from a place I hated living at and end up in the very place I wanted to be, with the friends I wanted to be around, and the job I wanted to have.
    -Every day is more exciting than the last. It feels like I am on a mission with this Brahmacharya goal, and it feels so satisfying to have a goal like it.

    The Hard Parts:

    -During the first 30 days (I have done a 33 streak before), it feels like climbing an epic peak just to not think about sex. Especially week 2 and 3. Over time though, after about 60 days, it just feels normal to not masturbate or think about sex.
    -It can feel lonely at times, without the release my body was so used to having.
    -I am getting more attention from ladies, making it very hard for me to maintain pure celibacy. Especially when they touch me or stare at me; I have caught many ladies staring at me now, which really didn't happen before. Also have random women try and converse with me. That could all be a positive for those striving to improve their relationship life, but it just makes things hard for someone striving for Brahmacharya. I have found the way to counter the energy of any woman that tries to flirt with me, to pray for all the lust I have just developed for them to be transferred into holy energy that protects them. That always calms my senses down and reduces my sexual desires back down to nothing.

    Overall, everyone that is trying to follow any sort of path of NoFap should know that this is literally the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. You need to think of the most brave thing you have ever done, and apply the same mentality, then multiply it in order to succeed. Much love to you all, best luck on your paths. Stay strong because it is worth it more than you will ever imagine!
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    You're awesome. Congratulations. Your story is very inspiring and I can feel your great vibes on my side of the screen. Peace be with you and may Light always shine on your path.
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    Thanks for sharing! The part about it being the hardest thing you'll ever do, the hardest thing for me was to quit smoking. Nofap is a close second. But then again, there isn't a dirty taste in my moth if I have 'just one hit' of PMO :) so maybe you're right after all!
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  4. Thanks for this. It's a good reminder of the weight of the undertaking that we're all attempting. Congratulations and stay strong.
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    I see you chose the day to post an update of your current success wisely. 108 is a very auspicous number in Buddhism and some other Eastern traditions. Brahmacharya is your aim, that explains the choice of 108 days to post a progress update :eek:

    I like how you channel feelings of lust that women may incite in you towards sending out compassionate thoughts for them, wishing well for them and hoping they can put an end to their suffering one day as well.
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    Nice to read some success stories! Thanks for sharing.
  8. I second Rectify about transmuting lust into compassion and love. What an awesome idea! I'm definitely adopting this in my own journey.
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    "I have found the way to counter the energy of any woman that tries to flirt with me, to pray for all the lust I have just developed for them to be transferred into holy energy that protects them." I imagined doing the same to a couple of women that have I been obsessing over, and I almost broke down with tears of gratitude. Thanks, and congratulations.
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    I was also moved by the above statement "I have found the way to counter the energy of any woman that tries to flirt with me, to pray for all the lust I have just developed for them to be transferred into holy energy that protects them." This brings about real happiness. Not wishing to take but to give and protect. Turning frustration into bliss and contentment. I tried this with a beautiful women in a café recently. I wanted to be with her to have sex with her but I used that energy to wish her all the safety and wellness life can bring. There was a deep stillness and sense of complete security. I wonder is it possible from that state to say and act in a positive way that can really benefit another person?????
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    great job great job bro
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    Yesterday was not so easy, there were so many beautiful women around town. Maybe I am repressing my emotions. Does anyone know how to turn desire into bliss? Also how do I put up my chart on the bottom of my post with my stats?
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    Thanks for the report. Very inspiring
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    It's so awesome seeing so many people on long streak here. That's some encouragement.
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    Thanks for this man. I dig you on meditating and sending positive vibes into the world. I will do the same for my wife now: I will inhale all the pain, anger, frustration and I will exhale into the world all warmth, strength and light to heal and protect her.
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    I must try this
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    Respect and namaste!
  18. Thanks for sharing brother,your post has really inspired me on my journey to a life of nofap.I am in the process of learning the buddhist teachings,which help me think in a new way and I hope to reach that number sometime this year.Good luck my brother:)
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