Day 112, new benefit. Quick Thread

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Prince The Alpha Male, Jul 21, 2018.

  1. Prince The Alpha Male

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    Hey fellas
    Hope y'all doing a 100

    So I'm on a 112 days without masturbation and porn. I just realised something.

    When I used to masturbate my penis wasn't that veiny when hard not even when it was 50% hard.
    I noticed that now it gets veiny when it's atleast from 10% hard and up.
    This just showes that blood flow is running smoothly once again down there.

    Explaining why I've been getting so hard every morning once again as I was as a teenager. It's amazing.
    Don't even mention how great intercourse is with my partner.

    Anyway that's all I wanted to let y'all know for now. I'll be back on day 150.

    Have an awesome weekend and remember to not let porn win it's a disease killing our society and generation slowly.
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  2. Yep, porn is a disease. I had to go to rehab for this addiction.
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  3. Good to see one of your problems is finally solved! Good job!
  4. MasterRoshi

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    Thanks for the positivity!

    I get bogged down in the problems I still have and forget about the accomplishments thus far.

    Great job on your streak and I’m very happy to see you’re having sex with your partner and staying sober! Sounds like a healthy sex life!
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  5. Prince The Alpha Male

    Prince The Alpha Male Fapstronaut

    Youve come to far though, over 120 days? Now that's an accomplishment. You would be surprised how many people on and off NoFap would wish to at least be in your shoes. U should check out thethe comments on success stories. People are struggling with porn addiction, they losing their homes and partners, jobs and all.

    Remember where it all began every time U think of giving up. Remember how worse porn addiction made you feel is that the way you want to feel right now?

    Imagine having to restart your counter after so much progress.
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