Day 14 in need of helping advice struggling

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by seagulls6878, Apr 7, 2019.

  1. seagulls6878

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    day 14... been glancing at porn all day at work . Still not jerking off or watching full videos been fantizing a lot. Still on hard mode of PMO. Been having temptations of calling an escort and taking one of my erection pills( I have pied) feel like I’m slipping. Haven’t had an orgasm in two weeks but have glanced at porn and escort website. Can I still leave my counter at 14 days.
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    Hey bro, it sounds like you have be edging pretty heavily. In the end its up to you about the counter but if you have been peeking at porn all day than its probably safe to say that you should reset. But dont see this as a bad thing. Infact it will show progress that this time the reset was caused by something very less significant than it could be. Stay strong. I know im replying much later than you posted and if you slipped than just get back up. Get out and do something so that you mindset can change. Good luck
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    Fantasizing is bad. It weakens your resolve.
  4. I'd reset the counter personally. If you are following your counter and using it as a nofap aid, leaving it now is just telling yourself that it's ok to cheat a bit. Sounds like you have made progress though, so take that as a positive.
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  5. seagulls6878

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    Hey thank you for the words. I actually am still fighting and have not masturbated or orgasmed. I am off from work today and plan to go to the gym twice today
  6. seagulls6878

    seagulls6878 Fapstronaut

    Man this is harder than quitting drugs and alcohol
  7. MarinoBigFan1984

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    Viewing porn at work is a recipe for disaster. Don’t do it.
  8. RamboErecto

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    Edging is not allowed during a reboot

    you are 2 weeks clean, so P will have a heavier impact on yourself

    most likely to relapse, is on you to control it and never edge again

    good luck
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  9. arpyegap

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    Seagulls is correct... just keep at it. I've re-set my counter many, many times. However, that doesn't matter. Regardless of how much time your counter shows you've accomplished something! If you fall, get back up, reset the counter & start over. All that matters is that we are striving to be better and trying to conquer our addictions... Don't get hung up on the counter and never give up on yourself!
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  10. seagulls6878

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    Is this why sperm is coming out after I pee sometimes
  11. marioa

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    you've got to fill your schedule up totally. Don't leave an inch unfilled with any positive activities that would keep you distracted, seriously the first few days are so hard and then things ease up. but again the key is through these activity some of them must turn into habits. So that later every time you're tempted to watch and masturbate you instead go and practice this/those activity/s. They could be as simple as drawing, walking, going out with friends/family/siblings or even along, sports, grading,cooking, reading, attending events, or even your job. Just make what you do as engaging and intersting as possible.
    I would highly suggest downloading and following up with this app Reborn in Google Play. Because it will keep you alert and aware of your problem. Hence, avoiding it.
    Nevertheless, if you relapse, it's not the end of the world just get back to the right path as quick as possible. You'r brain is still aware of your new path!
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  12. manishk012

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    No.. there is an alternate way
  13. seagulls6878

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    What do you mean ?

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