Day 15 still no benefits at all..

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Help905, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. Help905

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    I’m on day 15 and have absolutely no benefits and feel just as how I felt before starting. Socially awkward, depressed but less than before, little to no libido, skin and face still lifeless, etc.

    I’m 20 years old now but I remember back 3-4 years ago if I’d stay away from PMO for a few days I’d notice huge differences. I’d start to feel the superpowers everyone talks about in like 3-4 days and a week would make me feel incredible. Now on day 15, nothing like that. I think this might be due to the fact that in the past 2-3 years my PMO use skyrocketed and I would edge for hours at least twice a week, something I’d never used to do when I was younger.

    Is it normal to not feel any benefits on day 15? I know I should wait till 90 days for a full reboot but I used to feel better before. I’m just scared that I messed up my brain permanently from the edging. I miss my old younger self before I started edging. Even though I was PMOing I was completely normal within a few days. Maybe I’ll notice something at 30 days so I’ll just keep going.

    anybody have experience with this?
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  2. Theking123

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    I am on day 52 and yes I feel a little bit more energy but nothing really new.At least right now I don't have depressive thoughts but I still have sometimes anxiety.I think we have to wait still lot of days and of course we have to improve our life ln the other areas to really feel changes
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  3. keepitinmybriefs

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    Honestly, I don't really buy into any of the "energy saving" hokum some fapstronauts claim. For me, it's about being more productive. All that time I'm spending watching porn and fapping is time I could be spent on something productive, like my work, or a hobby, or seeing friends. There are just better things to do with your life. So will you feel any different? Probably not in any magical way.
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  4. More energy, no. But I’m way more relaxed around people, that’s a big benefit. These benefits started after many months. So be patient.
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  5. clapas

    clapas Fapstronaut

    The new feelings come and go during the process. Sometimes you feel better one day and then back into misery. For some people it takes 2+ years to fully recover. But I'm quite convinced that after some indetermined time, the sacrifice will pay off.
  6. Fallensoldier1

    Fallensoldier1 Fapstronaut

    There’s no magical “90 days and your rebooted” thing. It’s a roller coaster ride. I went 204 days earlier this year and even on them I still had some struggles and roadblocks. I have felt the best I have ever felt, and the worst absolutely that I have ever felt. There’s a lot of ups and downs. But 15 day’s is pretty early also.
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  7. Ronaldo Machuca

    Ronaldo Machuca Fapstronaut

    Go 31 days. If not 31 then 60, if not 60 then 90, and finally if you go 180 days pure, and "no benefits"; PMO was never your problem.
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  8. Fallensoldier1

    Fallensoldier1 Fapstronaut

    It’s also very easy to think you have minimal benefits cuz sometimes it changes so small and day by day. Then you relapse and you quickly realize man I was feeling better!
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  9. Fallensoldier1

    Fallensoldier1 Fapstronaut

    That’s what I would want, when I was around my 200 day mark I was feeling much more calm and confident. Now I’m a anxious mess.
  10. shamrock19

    shamrock19 Fapstronaut

    I only started to any sign of improvement at about day 80...

    And even then its only been gradual...

    Trust the process, it will come
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  11. I'm 450 days and I'm numb as as hell. Feel my brain is functioning at 2%... don't know where I stand at all. Nothing makes sense right now!
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  12. ZenAF

    ZenAF Fapstronaut

    Omfg.. NoFap doesn't give you magical benefits! It's good for one thing and one thing only: quitting porn. Making you free of an addiction. That's it.

    Often when a human rids him/herself off an addiction, his life improves! And that's the NoFap benefits people talk about. But it has nothing to do with NoFap and everything to do with your lifestyle. When you manage to quit porn, congratulations, you've just improved your lifestyle. That doesn't mean it's good now, your life might still suck! Because of a million and one reasons. So go figure those out and don't wait for NoFap to fix your life for you.
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  13. If your doing NoFap for the so called Benefits, it is just a question of time before you relapse.
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  14. I agree 100%
  15. If you just sit at home and do nothing... It doesnt matter - fap you or not. Quitting porn means also making life better by finding other things to do.
  16. Help905

    Help905 Fapstronaut

    Whoever says that the superpowers are not real is just wrong. 2-3 years ago before I began edging for hours, I would get crazy benefits within the first week of quitting. Even if I relapsed back then I wouldn’t enter into a state of depression and anxiety, sure I was more socially awkward for a few days after a relapse but no where near what I am now. Now it’s been 16 days and I still have social anxiety, facial tension, more withdrawals, and not feeling many benefits. I began fantasizing a bit yesterday after I got out of the shower, not about porn but about real girls for like 10 min and the rest of the day felt pretty depressing and had that weird facial tension again, so I definitely won’t be doing that again. Just hope it wasn’t too much to destroy my progress. Anyways, my life was absolutely perfect 2 years ago before I started edging, had nothing much to worry about. Just trying to understand whether I permanently damaged my brain and hormones from edging for that long, or whether it just takes a bit longer to get benefits because of it.

    Anyways, superpowers are real and I would do anything to get them back.
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  17. All those benefits dont really sound like "superpowers". Sounds like youre just going back to normal...
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  18. There is no such thing as superpower. It's just you and your natural power than you haven't been used to since you've been addicted to pornography!
    Imagine driving a slow, little fiat for years. You get fucking tired of it! Now... You get a new BMW 525, good old 2.5 engine, 1995 or whatever year. And you get in it and drive. It feels SUPER! It feels like a sports car COMPARED to fiat. That's the key!
    Bmw is a good car, but not a sports car if on stock. It's powerful etc., but it's not sports car, nor muscle car. You were just used to shitty car and now you got a average one. Simple.
    Same here. You used to live a shitty life. Now you started nofap and energy and some confidence levels came back... You know... Brain chemestry, biology blah blah blah. And you feel like you have superpowers tho it's just real you.
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  19. You quit porn, you quit giving your brain that super-stimulant. You get normal healthy brain chemistry.
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  20. Help905

    Help905 Fapstronaut

    Yes I agree with you guys that it is my normal self because that was how I used to feel when I was a kid before ever starting to PMO, just felt like superpowers because I wasn’t used to them. Just confused because it’s day 17 and still haven’t felt that “normal” feeling yet and still feel like the zombie that I was for the past 2 years. I’m making sure never to fantasize again after yesterday and carry on no matter how long it takes. Honestly just wish I never discovered edging, used to think that it was better than just letting it out, but turns out that’s the thing that really destroyed me.

    Anyways I just hope that since I’m 20 and I’ve only been severely addicted for 2-3 years that I will at least start to get normal feeling around 90 days. I really just want to feel like how I felt 3 years ago.

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