Day 15 still no benefits at all..

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Help905, Nov 4, 2019.

  1. MasterPablo

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    Really no benefits? no more free time, no lost hours over porn and PMO, no cleaner panties?
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  2. coldhearted

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    Maybe you're just in a flatline, also edging is a very fucked up behavior so no wonder you feel still that way..
  3. You do have a point. My nerves tissues and hormones are damaged from edging and orgasm for long sessions. I had to hardmode all the way or else the withdrawals would become so unbearable. At the start of my 15 months or even in the mid of it, if I drink coffee I start being fidgety or sweaty and shaky for no reason. I still do but the reaction from the stimulant has less impact compared to before.
    My state of mind is still nowhere how it used to be before the addiction or on some glimpses day where there's no brain fog.
  4. Help905

    Help905 Fapstronaut

    how old are you and how long were you edging for? Idk if I could handle 15 months and still have these symptoms.
  5. I've been doing pmo for about 7 years and took edging and binge session the last 3 years to 1h+ searching for the perfect scene with short streaks between(kindling effect). Overall my head were so fried and it hurt and swollen(some parts). What I am dealing right now called "PAWS." Suffering with both physical and mental symptoms.
  6. Help905

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    do you think that since you’re still having these symptoms after that long it might be something else? Did you go to a doctor? 15 months of no PMO hard mode and still having symptoms seems absurd.
  7. Help905

    Help905 Fapstronaut

    how do I know if I’m in a flatline btw? I mean my sex drive is not as strong as it used to be before edging but I still get cravings to PMO at times. I honestly don’t think I’ve had a real sex drive for the past year or two. Back 3-4 years ago my sex drive was so high I could barely go a day without PMO, seems like the edging ruined my sex drive too.
  8. jreacher33085

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    This is normal bro. That's your addiction talking. Don't go back. It's important to feel this crap now but to remember that these feelings/problems won't last forever. You're fighting back against this and your addicted brain hates it. These 15 days are a drop in the bucket. You're going to have up and downs as you reboot. Some days you may feel like gold while the next your down in the dumps. It's one step forward 3 steps back, 5 steps forward 1 step back. I know for me, I want to see what my normal self is like. I've been stuck in addicted mode for so long that I can't remember. This isn't suppose to be who I am. I want to see who I really am and what I am capable of. Winners never quit.
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  9. randomname3

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    I agree with most of what people have said already.
    You may start to feel raised testosterone within a day, or 15 days, or 30 days, etc. and that'll come and go. And you will have periods of far increased pain and heartache too. Be especially on the lookout for those: they aren't a bug but a feature, and a more important feature than the so-called superpowers that come and go.
    The real Super-Power is clarity and self-control that can lead to self actualization. Self actualization almost always requires profuse periods of suffering. If you keep going, you'll figure it out when your time comes.
  10. Abdullah_Hatamleh

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    I am experiencing something similar. One year ago i would do nofap for 2 days and feel like a god. Now its just meh. I think its because your brain got more fucked by pmo in the last 3-4 years. Just trust the process and remember that relapsing is only gonna make you wait more
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  11. DGZ

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    You've just been addicted to porn for longer now. When I was 17, I felt like I could fuck a hole in the wall on my nofap streaks. On day 12, I remember that I tried to picture an unattractive woman, and I was unsuccessful. Literally any woman was hot as shit. Now at 25, I'm almost at 100 days and I'm just barely beginning to see the light of day.
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  12. Br875

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    Exactly what happening with me bro.
    I started nofap before an year and it was like god mode on for me. I got results just after 4 days and I continue my streak for 24 days .
    After 20 days I was feeling like, nobody can stop me ,full of confidence , no social anxiety etc. But I relapsed after 24 days.
    I tried nofap just after 2 weeks for 18 days but no results at all .
    Its been 1 yrs now im starting and relapsing nofap. Yet not get that benifit that I got when I did nofap for first time.

    But I can tell you that it is not because of continuous edging. Bec I always masterbate for long time with edging.

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