Day 16 and the urges just came back out of nowhere.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Digga187, May 23, 2020.

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    So for the past week i would say the urges have calmed down and it wasnt really that dramatic, but today as i woke up in the morning ive just had sudden boners throughout the whole day and the urges are really fucking hard. Ive been sweating like crazy from these urges and my whole body feels hot as hell. I just feel like im about to explode. I went outside with my parents and i tried to stay away from places where i could relapse and i think that was the most important reason why i didnt already relapse today. I would say there are days like these, where no matter what kind of willpower and strength you have, the urges will be stronger than you and its almost like your not in your clear mind. The only real thing that will help you in those moments is getting out of your room, away from your computer and just pushing through these days. I know when i get that feeling where the sexual urge just takes over me completely and i have to admit there is no way i can deal with it, so the only thing that i can do in those moments is just getting away from it. Today for example ive been feeling these urges the whole day and i just feel like no matter what i do i cant fucking resist it, thats why i just tell myself dont put yourself in a position to fap, thats the most important thing just doing something else, because there really are times where you cant resist the urge. I hope to make it past 20 days, which was the longest streak i had this year. I wanna get to 30 days to see how it feels, then to 60 days, then 90, and eventually being able to quit completely, i dont wanna speak to early because i didnt even reach the 30 day mark, but then when im there i wanna be able to look back and say i fucking beat these urges no matter how hard they were.
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    3, 7, 14, 25, 35, 45, 60, 75, 85, 90.

    Around those days seem to be when the sudden urges strike. I think it is biological and has to do with dopamine receptors. Our body knows dopamine feels great and "desires" it. Every time we stop an urge we usually have to replace it with something else, ie sugar, hugs, video games, workouts, friends, etc.

    Even with those replacements the habit built of "firing the dopamine up" doesn't die easy, and it creeps in from time to time on that schedule. It's hard because when it fires it fires HARD. Nothing we can do but be self aware and get through it.
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    All the best mate!!!
    Keep posting and stay safe!!!
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    Props to you for being able to recognise your urges and being able to recognise the symptoms... this must be part of the 'rewiring' process. No doubt you will learn much more along the way.
    One thing I found that helps when I have crazy urges.. are cold showers. It neutralises the heat in the body esp in that region! In fact it cools your body all over I would highly recommend it if you want some brief comfort

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