Day 16! Feeling Depressed and unmotivated

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  1. Hello Guys,
    It's my 16 DAY of NoFap.Today I am feeling so depressed and totally unmotivated.I have watched motivational videos and I get motivated but after a few moment I found myself again where I was.After 1 week I was feeling so energetic and my mood was quite happy.I was being motivated and continuing for my goal.Waking up at 5AM was quite easy to me but in the 2nd week I feel fatigue. I have tried to wake up early but I had to fight hard with my body.I'm also noticing my sleep time also increased.Everyday I sleep around 6-7 hours but last 2 days I am sleeping around 8.5 hours a day.I feel tired and sleepy during daytime.
    Is it normal during NoFap.PLEASE HELP ME.WHAT COULD I DO?
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    Hm, I also get sleepy during day-time. I think it has something to do with my body getting used to my former messed up schedule plus there's nothing interesting going on to keep me awake.
    If you're craving for more sleep, then go for it, after all it's recommended to get 8-9 hours of sleep for someone your age.
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    I'm struggling with fatigue as well. Stay the course, you're only 16 days into this thing. You're probably just in withdrawal right now (as I feel that I am). Keep going; give it at least 3 months.
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    Add some more habits to your life. These can give you extra motivation and are the ones that really change your life.
  5. Thanks Brother
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  6. Thanks Brother
  7. Thanks Brother.Your reply gave me a motivation I'll absolutely try to add good habits
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