1. musichealer125

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    I hit a flatline almost immediately after starting nofap. When is my sex drive gonna come back? I hardly ever get horny anymore but part of this may be because I've been at home for break and am not exposed to anything that may turn me on. I've never really been addicted to pmo and haven't watched p in a long time but I still did M fairly frequently. Do you think if I were put in a situation with a girl that should turn me on that I would be horny?
  2. travelling fapstronaut

    travelling fapstronaut Fapstronaut

    Its different for everyone man, the best advice i can give you is dont worry about it, live your life, enjoy yourself. Forget about sex for a while and focus on making your life better, when the time comes that you wind up with a girl im sure you will have no issues if P was not a big part of your life. Dont obsess over sex bro, obsess over life
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