Day 180 : Hell of a grind, but real progress

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    Day ??? past 90

    Originally posted this on reddit but apparently there is some weird stuff going on with this platform :p

    So heres my update on benefits, i believe i'm on day 180 now.

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    Stopped counting.

    Since about two months back on hard mode after a summer of dumb flings, i now notice great results again.

    Just going to share my new benefits here to keep myself motivated.

    - Managed to get off my ADD medications (Bupropion and Ritalin), i have basically zero symptoms now. Been on them since 2017 or something, so its quite a big deal to me. Also used to have this crazy supplement stack, now sometimes a bit of magnesium or fish oil. Must be the balanced dopamine system?

    - Finally got my nutrition in order since this month, i've read alot on how people on nofap start liking cooking and stuff, but that took a long time.

    - Starting to actually 'like' tidying up and cleaning the house and the car

    - Enjoy just sitting on a bench in the park or in the garden, just 'being' . Started to become more in tune with taking the time to focus on just breathing

    - I get comments on how shiny and curly my hair looks, its very long now(it was always flat and dry from existential anxiety induced stress so i always kept it short)

    - Stepped into my competitive nature, training strongman and doing BJJ & Boxing both now, to build a well-rounded physique, i always burnt out and gave in to the demanding nature of combining strength and martial arts, now i NEED it. Hope to prepare for a MMA bout soon. If my coach will give me the faith.

    - Women give me 'that look' i smile back, but i am not looking to hook up anymore since my last reddit post.

    - Started to get into working with AI models and LLM, so i'm learning Python now in my free hours. And following courses on coursera. This focus i never had before nofap.

    - I have started to study the orthodox christian bible, to move past the selfish spiritual path i was lured into. I meddled with tantric and yogic type of transmutation stuff that helps channel the sexual energy, but it always led me to the dark side of things, You will feel very powerful, very capable. But falling off the wagon is way too tempting.

    Pleasure is not free. The pain and shame comes from this selfish taking of pleasure. Either we feel this ourselves, or the women that we seduce and hook.

    There is much to be gained from transmutation, but we need to balance it out with a service-oriented belief system with a disciplined lifestyle to make sure we don't corrupt ourselves.

    Next stuff i want to do is :

    - Apply for leadership positions

    - Take dance classes and go to social dance events

    - Like said before, have my first MMA match

    - Parttime studying in college ( am a high school dropout)

    - go to church weekly

    - read more

    - start a YT channel

    - blog somewhere (anyone any tips?)

    If you made it till here, thank you for reading and good luck on your journey :)

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