Day 2 newbie with some questions

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by UrsaMinor, Jun 16, 2015.

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    To begin, i want to say i had no idea faping or looking at porn was ruining my love life. In Fact, i thought it was helping! but i had a bit of awakening on Saturday June 14th.
    Before i get all crazy, let me start with a bit about myself. I am a 27 year old male with a girlfriend and a part time job. I work at a funeral home and I am stuck in "limbo". To advance with my carrier, i need to pass a simple board exam, but before i take that exam, i must pasta capstone. I have been struggling to complete for the last year and a half now. I am also a Powerlifter. I compete in strength sports and take it seriously. I have a girlfriend that I love more than anything. and this is why i decided to do this.
    My Girlfriend and I have serious trouble in the bedroom. It feels like we are never in the mood at the same time. She will constantly be tired, or nervous, or have a headache when i want to have sex. And when we do, its horrible. She needs me to do exactly what she what she wants or its not happening. sometimes, i would need to distort my body in a way that would give me craps, or stop me from doing anything at all! and i NEVER have a chance to cum. but in her defense, i would masturbate about 3x a day. and after she cums, i would just jack myself off... like "normal"
    What i would do is usually start my day with a quick fap session. if the house was busy (we live in her moms place) i would lock the door to the bathroom. The 2nd usual fap was in the shower after the gym. and the last one was optional. if i could sleep or not. Faping to go to sleep was my usual way to go to sleep if i had troubles doing so naturally.
    here are my questions.
    1. how can i find a way to go to sleep faster without faping?
    2. how/what can i do to not want to fap in the shower after a lift?
    3. i unfollowed all the porn accounts i had on twitter/facebook/pinterest/instagram, but only after they posted the normal content. does that count as looking at porn?
    4. i downloaded Brainbuddy for the IOS on my iphone. do apps like this help?
    5. does sex with my girlfriend count as faping?
    6. any other hints/help i can get? its only been 2 nights and i am already struggling bigtime.
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    1 just lay there and dont think. dont drink soda before sleep and dont take ur phone in ur room
    2 cold shower. sometimes u just have to resist
    3 i wld have nothimg to do with them u may be tempted
    4 idk wat that app is
    5 no it doesnt count
    6 stay busy as u can. Get into a havit of in the morning when u want to fap open the bathroom door. Tell ur gf ur struggling with this. Get a fulltime job if u can the more busy u are the faster it goes.

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