Day 2 on nofap

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  1. Day 2 in nofap
    Day 87 in my recovery. I had isolated recovery without any app or any one to encourage me to move forward or take any positive step . I can’t lie I passed through so hard time and I was fighting my sexual thoughts a lot by myself but here I’m now . Everything is worth it . I achieved some goals of what I wanted to do and I’m still fight and keeping going . I just want to count another 100 days after three days . Life changes to the better . God with me and with you all . You all are lucky to talk and support each other . I don’t know what do I need to be able to keep going and be totally recovered
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    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
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    Vaya buena racha parece que el autocontrol es una gran virtud en ti.... Si todos la cultivamos no habría muchas caídas
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  4. There is a life without porn!
    And it is wide open.....
  5. Th
    That’s right

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