day 21, low in confidence and energy.

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  1. Hey there fellas! Its been 21 days im on Nofap hard-core mode and semen retention. I was very confident and energetic on day 14. I get erection on watching girls and thinking about how hard i will be with them (please don't take me as a perv). Its like I could attract any girl towards me like a magnet. I got nightfall twice on 15th day ( night plus afternoon ) and again on 19th day. After nightfall (sexual dream) it feels like the semen which you have been preserving from day 1 is getting drained and the benefits are gone. I'm kinda low in energy and low in confidence on day 21. And everytime porn pops up in my mind. My erection is average. I would say the erection is somewhere close to 75%. I have been doing meditation and exercises from day 1. Please I need help about why I'm feeling low? And why this porn is popping up in my mind ?
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  2. Cuz your mind and body crave that high created by your PMO habits.

    Also nightfall doesn't mean all your benefits are over. As you already know, our body recycles semen after some period of time so it was gonna go anyway. In fact, it's healthy and normal and nothing to worry about unless it happens every single day.
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  3. Yes bro, I know our body recycles semen but I'm really worry about the wierd porn pop-ups and erection that I used to get while watching girls. What can I do to get rid of this porn pop-ups and get my 100% erection back?
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