1. nadjibmarcusaurelius

    nadjibmarcusaurelius Fapstronaut

    here is my review for the past 3 weeks
    first week it was alright i didnt notice any kind of changes
    seconde week it was hell i started feeling depressed anxious swing in moods sometimes i wanna cry and i had a constant headache for 3 days it was tough i think of it was a withdrawal symptomes
    third week the withdrawals symptoms starts to go away but not all i still feel anxious some times
  2. lantti

    lantti Fapstronaut

    21 days is the longest I have ever gone in Nofap. I remember... I was like some kind of force of natureo_O
  3. Infern0

    Infern0 Fapstronaut

    You are sort of reflecting my experiences, i've noticed there are two types of streaks

    the ones where the dudes feel amazing for 1-2 months then flatline or the ones where we hit flatline pretty much straight away

    I hit flatline after the first week and still in it now although showing some signs of coming out of it.

    I'd rather get it out of the way early tbh

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