Day 23 NoFap. it's good to fantasize,think about sex with real girls?HELP ME!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by stayHard, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. stayHard

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    Hii, its day 23, everything is fine , while when i go out looking at hot girls then i get urge to fap but controlling. everytime in my mind sex moves on still i virgin but don't know why its day 23 some people said sexual thought goes away but can't when looking at hot girls / women getting urge no erection.

    * it's Day 23 NOFAP No Porn and No Mastburation, while where my semen go some people said you get wet dreams and your waste semen leaks out but that's not happening.

    * Sometimes getting urge to fap but not getting erection, when i thought about sex with real girls those girls/women i saw on street then i got partial erection as i stop thinking erection goes away.

    * As, i wake up in morning, MorningWood lost within a few seconds.

    * How do i know i get cure by nofap?
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  2. cns

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    You are not suppose to fantasize about sexual things during reboot. That is my problem too as it is pretty much impossible to have an erection and penis is pretty much dead.
  3. Vijay5610

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    My penis is dead too

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