Day 24 Relapse, Butterfly-Induced Insomnia

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by josedelamuerte, Jul 23, 2021.

  1. josedelamuerte

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    I just relapsed after a really solid 24 day "hard-mode run".

    I was doing great, until yesterday afternoon I had a work related phone call with a booking agent I work with, who I find very attractive. Everything seemed fine, we chitchatted a bit, but after I hung up I had an extreme case of butterflies. It persisted for three or four hours, and even after I calmed down I couldn't sleep.

    I got into bed around eleven o'clock. I saw midnight, one, two, three, four o'clock pass by. Tried everything in my toolbox. Breathing and meditation exercises. Moved to the couch. Got up, watched some shows (PG!) to try to distract and tire me out. Nothing. Around 5:30 I broke down and relapsed. I don't think straight when I'm tired.

    I'm disappointed, because I really thought I had it this time. Worst part is I'm not sure what I can do differently, if insomnia strikes. Maybe going out for a walk? Has anyone had something similar happen? Any advice?
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    remember next time to not use your devices; this is porn tricking you with insomnia
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    Quizás después de 24 días sin PMO, ya tu cerebro se estaba adaptando ... sigue de nuevo, con la confianza que tuvo q haber alguna me
    yo hoy luchando en el día 5 / fuerte impulsos y sueños...
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    Ask her if she wants you to visit her slimy cave with your monster.

    Just joking, haha, but it may actually work if youre funny enough.

    Well you fucked up buddy. Theres nothing more to say. Start new streak and keep yourself away from anything temptating. Even your co worker. If she doesnt love you its useless to admire her beauty. Find some guys to spend time with.

    Ask doctor for some sleep meds like hydroxizine and use it when need. Its great dude. a pill or so and you die and wake up next day. be careful with addictive sleep meds like zolpidem

    btw. what the hell is butterflies case
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  5. josedelamuerte

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    Ha! I totally would - had my "monster" been working right. Sadly it's more of snail, thanks to PIED.
    "Butterflies" is a common name for that rumbly feeling you get in your stomach when you're nervous about a romantic prospect. Or anything that makes you anxious, really. Some people get them before public speaking, exams, musical performances etc.
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