Day 3, came VERY close to breaking my streak

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Somewhat Waffle, Feb 12, 2019.

  1. Somewhat Waffle

    Somewhat Waffle Fapstronaut

    I came so close to breaking my streak. Luckily (through the sheer power of will) I was able to make it through the day. Now I am totally calm with no sexual thoughts in my mind and any I may of had I just let it loose on my girlfriend.

    Earlier I was laying on the couch just shaking from the sexual energy I had. I couldn't stop thinking of all sorts of things; then I took a nap, woke up and now I am fine. I must of looked at that one blonde check on Youtube for about 2 hours trying to will myself not to do anything.

    I survived though. I control my urges, not the other way around.
  2. ImpureHuman

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    I think that won't do any good at early stage of nofap because you may have stimulated the same machanism in mind while we are fapping. Based on experience, at early stage sheer will may fail if anything unpleasent happen later in the day, you may think to fap to release the tension. what you block earlier in the day, not to fap, may be the trigger for fapping later. Please avoid that please.

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