Day 30 of 90: small goal achieved

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    Hello people,

    Finally today I have completed my 30 days of 90 in the NoFap challenge. I had a good day, after leaving the job interview ... I said to myself: Come on, I change the look as a goal achieved! I had never made a change of look, I shaved my hair and I feel so great that I would repeat. Well, let me tell you my story a bit.

    He was a child in which he was cheerful, he was a student in which he did not find it difficult to concentrate on studies, he was the one who liked to play with friends, he was the one who trained basketball, he was the one who gave him the most enthusiasm if he had a trip to another city or town, and it was many things. In short, a child with a box of illusion and smile.

    I am a totally deaf person, at two years I started to stop hearing. From there until the age of six, I was talking with my hands. My parents sent me to a hearing school, and because of that, I learned to speak thanks to the speech therapist that I owe him more than a life. I speak like a normal person, or almost.

    As a child I received a few small abuses, but it was strong, and allowed me to be what I have already commented. I didn't care about everything, thanks to the classes called Children's Villages, I learned to prepare myself better for the future. I learned that drugs, tobacco, and alcohol was bad, and thanks to that, I watched a lot of people do it. Unfortunately, my two brothers that I have are addicted to drugs. There is nothing that can be changed, they are older.

    When I reached the age of 12, I started playing an online game. One day, a link arrived in front of my eyes, and redirected me to a pornographic website. Following that, I started masturbating.
    It was so fun that many times throughout the day and hence the addiction to masturbation. One day I went to the boys' website to see how they did it, because of that, I started to get more excited with the boys than with the girls.

    With excessive masturbation, I started losing my concentration, stopped being a good student, stopped being many things, and even stopped training basketball, and socializing. It is like that flower that had withered a part of my life, it was no longer me. It is sad, but real. Everything started to go from bad to worse, my life.

    In 2015 I started meeting strangers to do sex in fetish, masturbation was no longer enough for me. I needed to explore something else. I liked it so much that I repeated more times. I suffered the Cooldige effect.

    Last year I got fed up with all this, I don't remember how, but I got fed up. I inquired online how to stop masturbation, and by miracle I found this the NoFap challenge. The testimonials that count are incredible. I improved a lot, but I relapsed.

    Since then I went back to the old habits, until one day I had stayed to sleep with a stranger. When I woke up, in an instant, I believe that in the faith of Christianity something called me. Something drove me, and something made me realize. I hit bottom, and had realized that it has turned me into a puppet controlled by impulses. It wasn't me, it was a puppet, I was terrified. I said: what do I do here? And what am i doing? I got home, and that day I was nauseous because of the disgust that gave me everything I had done before, and I reflected.

    I started again to investigate the network to stop addiction to sex and addiction to masturbation. I remembered that I had made the challenge in the past year that I had already abandoned.

    I began to remember all the mistakes I made, and now I apply them with the correction of the errors.

    Now I have been 30 days, I have improved a lot, and I am very happy. Here I tell you my improvements:

    - I have created a new habit that is cold showers. Now I enjoy them with her, and I love her.
    - I have resumed swimming, and now I swim one day yes, one day no, one day yes, and so on.
    - Now I eat seven nuts a day for the benefits it generates thanks to the selenium that regulates serotonin.
    - Now I have less intense dreams than before, which allows me to improve the quality of sleep, and get up earlier.
    - I don't wake up in the morning with an erect penis, it was annoying.
    - I have started to socialize with unknown people.
    - I have begun to be much more productive.
    - Some of the mental fog has disappeared, but I still have it. I have to be patient.
    - Now I look much more attractive.
    - I have begun to have more patience with others.
    - I've started to have more active listening with people.

    And a little more.

    They are many of what I have improved, in time it will go better. Also, my social anxiety is slowly disappearing. It is true that there are days that are difficult. Yesterday I had a very bad day, I really wanted to masturbate, I felt like it. In the end, I was able to control, going out for a walk there. And look, here I am.

    I recommend that you do a cold shower that is very good to motivate you in the morning if you do it in the morning or to rest well if you do it at night. In addition you stop feeling colder in the street, you notice that your body is hot and you do not need to open so much.

    I have also read an article on the internet about serotonin and saw that eating seven nuts a day brings benefits. Serotonin is a chemical that is found in the celebration in which it allows us to regulate our body both physically and mentally.

    I also recommend you to make a diary in which you contain your problems that you have had and that you have done. Make a little reflection a day.

    Create a new habit in which it is beneficial for you, it takes 21 days to create a new habit. Think, and reflect what.

    Now, let me add a music in which I integrate a lot. From what had happened to me before.

    That's it, thanks for reading my story. And sorry if the English language is bad, since I use it with the translator.
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    Congratz! I lost sight for a while of what the goal of this all was but your message has focused my vision. Keep going :D
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    You are on your road to bettering yourself. You are going to do this man. Though you say its a small goal, from here on out you should find it easier :D
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    Congrats Bro, You Finally achieved that. My longest streak is 27 Days and I wish I had not broken it but.....
    Still no worries, Day 10 Here.
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    Thank you for reading my little story, I encourage you with it. Don't let it fall back, fight, get up and move on.
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    Well, I say it because of the small goal achieved by doing it in three goals to reach 90 days. I do it divided, for example, if you have achieved 30 days is equal to one goal, you get 60 days are two goals, and if you get 90 days are three goals. It is a way to make it fun with the challenge so that it is not enjoyable. Cheer up! And thanks for reading my little story.
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    Thanks for reading my little story. Well, we all fall, I relapsed once it is at 80 days. It's hard, but you can move forward if you study your mistakes and correct them for the next challenge. Find new habits, and improve. Yes you can!
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    Congrats dude,
    See you on your 90 days.
  9. Sergiosanz995

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    Thanks for reading this little story! I hope to reach the two goals I have left to reach 90 days. Yes you can! And by the way, interesting your inspiration. I have shared other people, yours is very inspiring. How you feel? I think you're happy, it's the best gift you can have.
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    Well done

    SREENII Fapstronaut

    thanks friend for sharing your experience..are you from spain?? espanol??
  12. Sergiosanz995

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    Hello, thanks you for reading. Yes, I am Spain. And you?
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    SREENII Fapstronaut

    am from India
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