Day 300: Grow Up

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by SolidSoldier, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Ok this really speaks to me in a very good way. Thanks a lot.
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  2. LifeWorthLiving!!!

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    GREAT post! Congrats on 300 days!

    You put a lot of things into words that I have experienced. I will hit 132 no PMO this afternoon, and I too find that generosity is a key to breaking the cycle. Giving yourself away through service opportunities is a way that I have found myself. Before I would protect my time because I felt ashamed and I didn't want too many people demanding my attention. Basically I wanted free time to PMO. But PMO is not freedom, it never was freedom and it never will be freedom.

    I also like your insight on growing up. Manhood is truly found by taking on responsibility and being willing to do what is hard. Generally speaking, the state of manhood is horrendous in our society. Too many men avoid doing the tough things in the hope that someone else will do it. It's no way to live. I lived like that for too long and I will never go back. Over the last 132 days I have done made some tough decisions and followed through in them and kept disciplines to support no PMO that were initially not easy. But the discipline paid off.

    And I am constantly challenging myself to help others, even when my brain is saying no. This discipline has become an amazing way to rediscover life. It has to be kept in balance, in the sense that I must be mindful not to overcommit but I'm clearly not undercommitting anymore.

    Thank you for that post. 300 days demonstrates a sense of integrity. This is not a phase - it's a life change.
  3. Paulie

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    This was something I needed to read. Thank you for the inspiration.
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  4. Headspace

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    Love your view man! Thanks a lot for your post, you saved me from some urges. (Or let's say you inspired me to save myself ;))
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  5. fapequalsdeath

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    I just read your post out loud so I can hear myself. It was way more uplifting because it was like I was talking to myself. And indeed much of what you said is what I would have said. The only difference is that I don't act on it. Well, it's never too late to start. You are right tho, if you are weak minded porn is the least of your problems. It is only a flaw of many, which often on this site is hyperbolized to a great extent. But of course, it promotes and is in correlation with other bad habits. So basically you need to exterminate them all to live a fulfilling life.
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  6. Glad it spoke to you. It speaks to people because it is not my teachings. It is the teaching of soul, of man itself. You know what to do already because you have too. Failing is all a part of life, it is good and needed. It is the failure that shows you how to succeed.

    As I like to say, success is not winning, success is how you react to defeat.
  7. You are very welcome. You would probably enjoy the trilogy in my signature.

    Eventually urges will go, it all goes as you live a life full of meaning and purpose.

    So good to hear you used the post as an audible affirmation. Affirmations are one of the most concrete ways we can retrain the mind.

    Excellent point. Discipline is good. Without resistance we do not get stronger.
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    Outstanding post. Thanks for sharing your insights.
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  9. msmahamed

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    Great job man :)
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  10. getontop

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    A wonderful post and a sentiment I completely agree with. Bad habits, or behaviours, perpetuate because they have become the subconscious norm. From a brain perspective, you cannot render these pathways obsolete by simply believing or being motivated for change - they do not respond to this. Rather, we must do. We must act. Our physical behaviour is key.
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    You are the same man today as this 300 day mark in the future. All you must do is start being that person. I was that person on day 2 as I am on day 302, just never looked back to the person on day 0.[/QUOTE]

    Wow! Certainly the most powerful words I've read today. Thank you.
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  12. bodigura

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    my life lack of meaning too. when your life in the comfort zone, you tend to waste the time
  13. You are very welcome. May you have honor in your own maturity.

    Many thanks. Feels good to hear that after a while has passed.

    So true, most elegantly said. Affirmations are one of the most concrete ways we train our mind and rewrite the synapsis that fire back and forth. I use affirmation training in my work over at Reddit and in the manuals.

    You might like my other work, all 3 short manuals in my signature.
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  14. this is excellent. great job.
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  15. Thanks and may you have honor and courage in your own journey. There is no luck.
  16. Sam@89

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    The last line is gold.I guess that is the only way out.Move forward once.Never look back.
  17. Xience

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    True in many ways.

    Deficient in others but mostly true.
  18. Xience

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    I wonder why OP deleted.

    Not really relevant but one more thought, should a 13 year old boy on this forum become a real man, a fully grown grown-up? Is that really what needs to be done to kick porn.

    No need to answer anyone.
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    like you man, you`re great!

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