Day 314, help, Is Anyone On Meds?

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by UK Lad, Feb 9, 2019.

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    Hello, I need some help. I’m on Day 314. I believe god guided me by exposing me to the book on PMOING dangers and science by Gary Wilson and now Soaring Eagle 6 years clean (a nofap user). Those books changed my life, more so Gary Wilson. My first streak was 8 months, followed by a one-off relapse then now in months 11. Day 314. The current streak began on April 1 2018.

    Willpower alone will not help you unless you have plans in place of obstacles.

    Selling my laptop helped. Activating adult blockers helped. Ringing up my broadband provider asking them to limit adult content helped. Setting a passcode on iPhone and limited adult content helped.
    Filtering content reduces 65% off your problems.
    And can’t forget cold showers!

    Then there’s loneliness. In isolation and boredom can bring on a relapse. Best to keep the mind occupied and keep busy.

    I’m not going to share a success story because I know how much I love reading them but I can’t read or write properly and have disorganised thoughts from pmoing that’s why I won’t write one. My writing is not making sense.

    But! I have a question and that’s what this post is about.

    I became unwell with brain zaps and depression in month 3-4, and was put on psyche meds. Still on them but planning a weaning off soon. Has anyone else gone through the same? The meds I’ve been told can cause a relapse if not weaned off slowly. Is anyone else taking meds and has or wants to wean off? Anyone got any experience with them?

    However you choose to respond, pop it in comments box below.
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    I got sick of psychosis or schizophrenia and I have to take risperidone, but I’m in week 3 because I relapse after I got sick
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  3. If the doctor says you need meds for a particular condition, there is a reason why they are a doctor and you are not.

    It takes willpower and telling yourself everyday that you can overcome this. Furthermore, you need to find a way to cure your boredom. Buy books, study a new course, exercise. Run, if you cant run, walk, if you cant walk, crawl. But by all means keep moving forward.

    You will eventually find your equilibrium and that is a beautiful position to be in.

    More often than not, we force ourselves into a relapse because its easier and convenient.

    If you are not facing challenges, what are you living life for?
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    HI UK LAD .. glad to know that you have got such a long streak. I would like to let you know that I myself started nofap in a time while I was extremely depressed and to a point where PMO was controlling my whole life. I was a mess. People would look at me as a disgusting guy.

    On a random browsing session on my phone, I found Nofap and quit PORN cold turkey and I have a 338 day streak going on. Initially I experienced a lot of benefits like increased confidence , better eye contact but I still had a lot of anxiety and I think I also had OCD.

    So, in about a 4th or 5th month I was depressed to a point where I have no awareness left of how I was going through life. Yes, quitting porn is one hell of a challenge and its not easy at all.

    The flatline phase and the withdrawal phase that people go through is fucking real.

    I felt all the symptoms.
    I felt like a zombie
    I felt empty
    I would look myself at the mirror and would feel like it was not me
    I browsed tons of websites searching for the symptoms I was experiencing but it just made me kept in the same spiral of getting out of a problem because I was tricking myself into believing that I had a problem.

    and then few weeks ago, my parents started noticing it and they took me to a psychiatrist.
    I was diagnosed with depression and I'm on a few meds three times a day now and I can say that my mood is slowly stabilising and surprisingly I have no side effects as well.

    There is still a long way to go and I have the doctor's visit , so I will probably taper off the meds soon once Iam fine.

    One thing I can tell you is that, the benefits are real.

    I was an extreme shy introverted guy who would always avoid social situations.
    Now, my anxiety is completely gone.

    Let's say that if I had 100% anxiety, NoFap cleared it about 80% and the meds are helping me come off my depression that may have caused by PMO addiction and also because of my other life issues.

    It has been one Hell of a journey and beware and do not ever trust your mind.

    Even after 300+ day streak, you can still slip up. its that fucked up this porn is.
    Nofap is amazing. Any questions guys, im here to help.

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    No but if you know where I can get some good MDMA in Perth, PM me
  6. Envoy-ofthe-End

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    Yeah I'm on meds for depression and they are helping me a lot. Thing is, I think they affect sensitivity and sometimes I feel like a heartless bloodhound lol.
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    Yes, man. I'm in the same situation as you. I'm taking sertraline now. My plan is to get rid of sertraline after getting rid of porn, but I'm afraid of getting anxious and depressed again after taking off them.
    I think pornography is what caused my depression and anxiety, and maybe I can cure it getting rid of porn, so I won't need meds anymore. But IDK, i'm on day 14 of nofap(since 2016 I try to get rid of porn), so I need to get rid of this first.
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    I personally don't think that god thought: This guy is PMO addict, let's direct him to read this book.
    No offence dude, but how can you trust in things like that? You directed yourself to do anything, to read book and to fight that addiction.
  9. tlOD, what are you talking about
  10. Psychiatry is no more than some "witchcraft", with no science behind. All you can do taper off slowly, and stay on the smallest possible dose a little longer.

    I pray for you will not have long lasting symptoms, after you stopped taking them.
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  12. Exactly- there is a great documentary called "making a killing" and its all about how drug companies are making a bunch of crap up to keep people on drugs.

    I have been experiencing deep lows in my life and have taken anti-depressants from 16 to about 22yrs old and I eventually tapered off and on to 25 when I went totally clean. I'm now 36 and drug free for over 10 yrs and my experience of life on the outside people think I am the happiest, positive person ever- and my work is helping others to change their inner demons and to become empowered, yet I still have my own demons that show up their faces and sometimes totally trip me over, but I am learning how to be with them and to find joy in the middle of depression and loneliness, which sounds really crazy but it is my experience.

    This is my summary of my current situation.

    1. All human beings experience suffering in different forms, there are people like me who experiencing extreme high and extreme lows - we are designed to have a higher range of ups and downs.

    This is our gift because it makes us super badasses that is so much more resistant and courageous and intense than many other average people whose highs aren't as high as us.

    But on the other hand, we have deep lows were we want to pull the plug. which causes many of us to kill ourselves because when things are bad, we feel like it will always be bad, and when things are good we think it will be always good.

    2 I see my mental condition as a blessing for 2 reasons

    1. My Low moods is my motivation to be disciplined with my daily life giving reituals - just like an airplan before take off has to ensure it has every thing in check beore flying, I must insure that I check all the different keys in my brain before starting my day.

    >>> Meditation - Remembering what i am - CHECK
    >>> Getting out of my head into my body with an intense workout - CHECK
    >>> Connecting to my vision for a better future in service and greater self-expression through my business - CHECK
    >>> Plan to have my human needs through social interactions - CHECK

    Etc... I'm not always perfect at this, but I just see the suffering as a reminder to make sure I meet my needs.

    I don't take anti-depressants medication because i deeply believe everything we introduce any chemical from the outside to the body it creates a new in harmony -

    I used to anabolic steroids, it had some positive effects but it also had negative effects.

    I used to take anti-depressants, while it fixed my depression it added new issues such as feeling like a dumb animal being tame to endure the limited sense of existence, i felt like it actually took away from my mental clarity and from my ability to become more conscious, and expand more.

    2. Our suffering has a higher purpose to awaken us to our True Nature.

    I believe all human beings feel the emptiness, depression, and loneliness that we (depressed) people feel but they feel it in different doses and durations, but ultimately -every knee shall bend - that is every person will shed tears, every human being will have to face their loved ones die, their own self getting sick and bad shit happens to people ALL the time.

    I'm not being pessimistic, I'm one of the most positive people you meet, I'm just being honest and realistic. We live in a world that is CHANGING constantly. We are also emotional being that gets attached to things set up expectations, which creates suffering.

    So the real answer and solution to our suffering is not found in drugs, girlfriends or money or any of those conditions, because they ARE ALL SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

    The only thing that is NOT subject to change is our own consciousness of what we essentially are, our level of consciousness, our identity.

    As long as we identify with our thoughts, bodies, and our life story as who we are, we are bound to suffer.

    But our depression can also be seen as a call from joy, and happiness, it is a pull of grace, making us to look more carefully on who we are.

    Consider this, we couldn't know we are depressed unless at some level we knew deep down, happiness, joy, ecstasy is our natural state.

    That's what happened to Eckhart Tolle - he was near suicide when one day he was able to see through the false identity -

    He had a thought "i cannot live with this depression any more... I can not live with myself anymore'

    and thats when he woke up that he and his real identity are two different thing. and he is not his limited self.

    To make this more practical, in my life, I take my daily routine as my lifesavers.

    1 Meditation, exercise, deep quiet time in the morning, sharing myself with others, seeking a higher expression of my life purpose are not just things i do to look good or to be better, they are LIFESAVERS for me, that is if I don't do them I will literally die.

    So that's the first thing for me, silent hours in the morning and deep intense meditation is necessary for me to remember my true identity - but every once in a while i forget, and then i suffer and i want to kill myself, but then again i remember killing myself cannot solve my issues because when i run away from my problems they only get bigger, so I come back again and I remember the answer is not in things outside but is in self-realization.

    Ultimately please don't take my advice as professional advice, I don't know what I'm talking about so think for yourself.

    I just believe we follow our doctors the same way we used to follow our dogmatic religious teachers. Just because someone has a paper saying they have been to school it does not mean they know what is right for you or me.

    They are just as stupid and just as fked up as each of us - sometimes worst!

    Think for yourself because ultimately no one has the answers but your very soul.
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  14. Meanwhile I truly believe you wish to help others, but I have to tell you meditation alone can also cause mood-swings, depression, anxiety, psychosis etc. too in some cases. Peace
  15. Thanks for sharing. While I agree that meditation is a powerful tool and like any powerful tool must be used wisely and ideally under the guidance of someone who has walked the path I believe the mental issues are there already, what meditation does is brings them up to surface to be transcended, it doesn't cause them unless done with wrong intentions or mixing techniques.

    For example some people mixing vipassana with energy healing in one meditation or force kudinili awakening is very dangerous, but simple meditation which is the process of BEING as you are - without adding anything to yourself, is the simplest form of being so it self can only reveal the underlying issue.

    Water becomes clear as it is left alone.
  16. UK Lad

    UK Lad Fapstronaut

    Are you ok now? Are you better?
    What got you on risperdone in first place? Psychosis and schizophrenia are just labels given by drs
  17. UK Lad

    UK Lad Fapstronaut

    There’s good n bad in them all but not all of em are right. Sometimes you have to be your own dr. Because nhs research is far behind like with nofap they don’t see any profits from it.

    I love challenges but I’ve got hypothyroidism life is biggest challenge and so is this medical condition. I use to love reading. Anyway you’re right keep crawling. Your comment is very inspiring.
  18. Well just saying hypothyroidism often caused by autoimmune problem called Hashimoto that can be easily checked by blood tests, or hypothyroidism may caused or worsened by antidepressants. It should resolve then once your brain reset back to default settings if you got not terrible diet, do regular exercise, and keep your circadian rhythm I think.
  19. UK Lad

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    If it wasn’t for the side effects I’d be sticking with the medication. I can’t get a hard on since I started this medication, it could be flatline and I’ve been through loads I Think. The dr recently said even though I’m on no order to stay on meds, I have a choice to stay or come off but he said I have to stay on the medication for the foreseeable future.

    I don’t know wether it was the medication I weaned off previously in months 3-4 that made me feel brain zaps and hot temperatures and depression or nofap itself.

    I was ok for a few months I was training walking a lot eating good. Went down weight from 13.5 to 11.5. Medication I weaned off a little by little from 10mg to 0mg pretty quick in under 6 weeks. But now have been told it takes around 6 months or slightly more to avoid a manufactured relapse.

    I hope you are well and strong. Your post was very inspiring to read. Congratulations on your streak. I believe you will reach 365.
  20. UK Lad

    UK Lad Fapstronaut

    I feel the same. Do you get welfare benefits for takin meds?

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