Day 38. Haven't noticed any benefits at all. This normal?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by TFTguitar, Jul 9, 2021.

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    34/M. Was PMOing daily since I was about 17. I've been on and off NoFap for a couple years now but this is my highest streak. I never notice a difference when I'm on NoFap. The only benefit seems to be that when I do eventually relapse, the orgasms are always insanely more pleasurable for a week or so. My motivation/energy/sex drive seems to be low ever since I started this streak. I guess I was just hoping to notice more from being almost halfway to the reboot point.
  2. Yes. It's normal to see small benefits. Nofap doesn't give you superpowers. So don't think you haven't gotten much benefits because of some unrealistic assumptions about what the benefits should be like.

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    Put in time to healthy habits - I would say sleep and cardio exercise being the most important.
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  4. You probably enter flatline. Judging by how long you pmo, embracing for the withdrawal symptoms coming toward you.
  5. This. Don't get your expectations too high man. Nofap isn't a magic pill, and most of the reported benefits are pure bs.

    Find your purpose, and focus on building your life slowly but surely.

    That's how you will get the "benefits" you are looking for.
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  6. Just because you don't notice immediate benefits doesn't mean they are not there. I have discovered some benefits I never thought would happen - but that has taken me 2.5 years to get there, with a lot of struggle and failure.
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    Okay If you aren't getting any benefit also you aren't getting any harm anymore.So, keep the fight on.In the end you definitely will get a lot of things which are good.
  8. First of all, nobody in any other addiction recovery talks in terms of "benefits." Try to see it from the perspective of say alcoholics for just a second. While you may not end up getting a DUI or end up in jail, if you understand it's a form of intoxication then it's a matter to not have that influence your mind. To be quite honest the NoFap culture has this back asswards and everyone who ever posted something in terms of a list of (in their view) benefits contributed to this really immature misunderstanding and influenced other people to think the same way, even talking about superpowers as if it's something in real life instead of the movies or the comics.

    And just think about the difference between 'streaks' and continual, lifelong abstinence.

    Well just think about this then: Isn't this a positive thing? Because when it's less pleasurable what the normal experience of sexual act? A mediocre one right? So do you want sex, even masturbatory sex to feel good or mediocre?
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    Think about it this way. The damage that porn and masturbation do are not very clear when you're addicted. And that's why most will deny it if you tell them it is harmful.

    In the same way, during reboot the benefits will not be that clear. Because you didn't go from the state that you were to that you're in right now in a second. No, it instead took you 38 days.

    The only way to realize the change is to let a year pass and then look back at the version of yourself and your circumstances that could be affected by your addiction. That comparison will be very revealing.

    Hang in there, my friend. When you start transmuting your energy that you were previously directing to your passion to things that are creative and useful, you will realize the difference.

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