Day 44 - PIED Cured!!!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by BigDawg913, Sep 10, 2018.

  1. BigDawg913

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    It's been 267 days since I began my NoFap journey (December 17, 2017). 2018 has been by no means an easy year. I've had a lot relapses during this time, as well as my continued struggle with depression, social anxiety, confidence, etc., and it's no doubt that I still have many areas in my life that I need to work on. Although I believe I broke out of my flatline a few days ago, I was hesitant to make this judgement too early, but right now on September 10, 2018 @ 1:06am, I am officially declaring my body cured of PIED and my mind free from my addiction to porn!! Words cannot express how grateful I am and how much I'm looking forward to what the future has to bring! I haven't been super active posting on the forum this summer, and in a month and a half when I eclipse 90 days without PMOing I will post a very in-depth analysis of my NoFap journey and experiences from 10+ years of being addicted to pornography & masturbation, but right now I just want to thank everyone on this forum who has helped me through this struggle, as well as the moderators & creators of the forum. I love this community so much and there's never been a time in my life that I've been happier than right now. I can't wait to share my 90 day success story with ya'll very soon! :)
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    I am very happy for you bro!!
    I started nofap in 27.12.17 , still working and waiting the healing!
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  4. Mattew

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    That's great man.
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    Dude, congratulations! I know just how you feel!
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  7. BigDawg913

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    Keep hanging in there bro!! It's all worth it in the end! :)
  8. Pursuit_of_happiness

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    I hope it come very soon
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    Well done to you !! I admire you.. I need to get my shit sorted :(
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    I know it's difficult but take things day by day, and don't beat yourself up when you do relapse, because from my experience beating yourself up when you mess up only reinforces the negative feelings you have about yourself and prolongs the path to living your best life. Stay strong brother!
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  12. BigDawg913

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    Keep your head up brother. No one on this forum got it right their first time out. I failed and relapsed and felt shitty about myself countless times before I finally succeeded. The only shame is in quitting man, keep trying!
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    Good going BigDawg, my journey is just starting and I know how you feel, I am around the same days and feel great. Its like a load of my mind and I just feel like I can finally just be me! I wish you all the best in your future recovery.
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  14. BigDawg913

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    Thanks for the kind words @Br1 R1 :)
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  15. Mordandy

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    Hi dude, first of all Congratuations for your achievements and sure you'll keep going on the right path :)
    However, I'd like you to explain how did you notice you're cured from PIED ? you got a healthy sexual act with a girl for example? Thanks
  16. BigDawg913

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    Hey @Mordandy , although I haven't actually had sex with a girl during this streak, there are several things that have been occurring every day for the last couple weeks which IMO translate to my PIED going away. Mind you that all of these have been 100% absent from my life for roughly the past 2.5 years:

    ▪Morning wood
    ▪Getting excited around real girls
    ▪Random boners throughout the day
    ▪Wishing to have a relationship with a real girl
    ▪Having healthier, "normal" sexual fantasies

    As a side note, these are some of the general lifestyle benefits I've noticed the past few weeks:

    ▪Increased energy
    ▪Improved social skills
    ▪More in touch with my emotions
    ▪Increase in productivity
    ▪Increase in empathy for other people
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  17. ironmaing

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    How do you think the random boners started and do you think you did something to enable them?

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