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    English is not my first language so there might be many grammatical mistakes.

    Background: Age 29, had been master bating and watching porn for 13 years.i was very confident and very popular in school until grade 7 after that things started going downhill after one of my friend lend me porn movie cd and my porn journey started.Without me knowing and I didn't bother to find out; I started becoming shy, I would tremble talking with girls, my posture deteriorated, I would check girls ass and boobs and master bate later.later I started smoking weed and cigarette.Smoking weed getting high and watching porn was my favourite thing.I still smoke but no weed anymore.Porn journey made me very weird, everyone treated me like a pet dog because I would say yes to everything they say,never questioned them back and never stood up for myself.I still remember before 7 grade days when I was very funny, made innumerable female friends, took part in every school activities like games, public speech and others.I was even popular among teachers.In short everyone admired me.

    Eye opener: At the age 27 found nofap in Google accidently, read posts for hours in one sitting and got my weak foggy eye opened.Then Nofap journey started.until this streak I had tried maybe 100 times.My highest streak was 37 days no pmo.Also one time I reached 41 days with only porn included. I was into edging.

    After 48 days experience: 48 days is very small but I decided to post because even in under 2 months I am experiencing changes.This is real and I don't get paid by anybody to tell this.people with doubts can start this journey to find by them self.

    1.Started going to gym.I don't know from where this motivation to hit gym came from.
    2.If I watch movies, YouTube videos, or sit idly my brain shouts-'waste of time'.Never before I felt this kind of thing.
    3.I have become talkative again after 13 years.I was known to be quiet guy by my family and friends.
    4.Starting conversation with random girls in bus, street, many of them communicated nicely, 2-3 girls even liked me and were expecting me to ask their number but I didn't. This is crazy result for kind of man like me.
    5.Attraction thing is like on and off for me.Someday girls act normal and someday many of them stare, some with big pupils and check my penis area while I act as if I'm not noticing.They speak very softly if I strike a conversation,they turn red and act very feminine.
    6.Started getting wet dreams.I haven't counted but I think may be 4-5 times in this streak.While on porn lifestyle never had wet dreams.
    7.Penis is hard and strong when erect.I sometime laugh because it feels like rod and haven't got those for very long time.
    8.Random erection.Before only porn clips made me erect ,now if I see great ass in the street I get solid erection.

    My plan: To do productive thing everyday.Not looking at girls in sexual way and the most important:To manage and do something with this' do something go somewhere' energy which has been throbbing inside of me lately.

    Thank you all brothers and sisters.We will be victorious.
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    Dude that is awesome. Keep it up and never go back!
  3. chazer2010

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    You inspire us all!!!!
  4. Atrium_Guy

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    AWESOME man - keep going!!
  5. Limani

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    This is wonderful. Keep going bro!
  6. Cool_Bro

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    Good going Brother ! Try to completely avoid porn. Stay blessed
    I also got random erections on some days without any reason or without any urges.There is sensation in Penis , it feels like something is flowing through it but actually there is nothing... Anyone please tell me Is there any problem with me or its normal !Have anyone ever feel the same during your streak ?
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    Great improvements! I can really relate to most of them. Especially number two! Keep going, you're doing great!
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    Keep on bro. Congratulations to you. English is not my first language too. I would expect of your composition is a genius way to explain the philosophy today we are encountering
    First of all any psychologist pinpoint this topics like us.
    It's like black or white yes or no stop or continue.
    Eats pmo or not. The most distinguished thing shapes our life whether is pmo or not.
    Believe me. Oh course is nothing region it is not like money. But this century we have abundance of leisure and easy access to information. Our phones and internet serve us all the kind of learning methods and tools which had never been available two past Generations including Hellenistic antique great philosophers and 19 centurys marvelous mans.
    But everything have a dark side. Everything caries it's own risk. Unfortunately we didn't benefit it because we have watched porn masturbated remorsed relapsed and again relapsed for years even decades. That's why we are here. Of course surfing internet and related internet use is wasting time. There is a bunk of problems. But the Catalyst all of them of course p.m.
    I believe if didn't watch porn then masturbate half of my life. I would become a genius. This is my thoughts. I believe I could be. And I am still not pessimistic about it. Because even in one month my perception Behaviors social skills dramatically changed. I'm looking forward the past now in the past.
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    This is normal. You need to take a shower. After 3 or 4 hours Seaman semen will flow don't mind that
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    Keep doing great!
  11. Cool_Bro

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    Sorry to ask you again, I am lil bit confused. After 3-4 hours ,Where did semen flow ? Isn't it harmful ?
  12. Dogan.211

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    of course not
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