Day 5, Orgasm starting annoying.

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by stevejohnson, Jan 15, 2020.

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    Anyone there who get nipple orgasm?. I really don't know why male got nipple orgasm??. I identified some is that i really not want porn, But while watching some TV shows, movies, etc it will comes infront of me and i get orgasam then watching porn and do fap. This is very distracting me to do wrong way. anyone give a tips to overcome Nipple Orgasm?. Perhaps this will be recover from NoFap.
  2. What exactly do you mean by "nipple orgasm"? I'm really curious--was this orgasm simply of the brain or was it accompanied by ejaculation?
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    Nipple orgasm?? Never heard of that, i dont like touch my neeples
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    I believe this is a type of stimulation resulting in a massive release of the neurotransmitter oxytocin, which could overload receptor sites, causing euphoria, similar to O but cleaner and no mess to clean up as with ejaculation. I do not see oxytocin as a sexual neurochemical. Though a heigtened sense of pleasure can be reached, i highly doubt it would be sexual. Still sounds tasty, doesn't it?
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    The nipples are erroneous zones, even for men. Touching, pinching, rubbing, clipping (with sex toys designed for this) can lead to sexual arousal, erection, and orgasm for many men. Like masturbation, it's a self-stimulation for sexual arousal purposes. It can also be stimulating with a partner's contribution manually or orally. There may be several men whose nipples aren't so sensitive and they'd probably not get it, experientially speaking. But, it's a real phenomena, and it's natural for many men who experience more or less sensitivity along a spectrum.

    I'm thinking that you avoid N or NO the same way your avoid M or MO - refrain from stimulating either area, or any other erogenous zones, as well. I can easily foresee that those overly channeled at this erogenous zone could easily teach themselves (like MO handgrip) to find no sexual arousal in natural genital sex with a partner. It can be a self-taught and sexually isolating behavior.

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