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    Hey all, I’ve tried not faping many times but ultimately always failed. Recently it’s been getting worse because of the extensive lockdowns. My parter and I spent the last 9 months in different States for different reasons and it was during this period I realized I was (in a way) losing it. It got so bad, I would PMO out of habit. Now that my partner is back I noticed I’m not even interested in sex so much as I was before we parted so I am 100% determined to give this one last shot.

    I started running, working out, reading, anything to distract me from any triggers. I also gave up drinking and I haven’t smoked anything in a month.

    I began feeling like I was on autopilot. Sure, life may not be all great but I think PMO competently numbed me from what I can be experiencing just on a regular day.

    Anyway, thanks for reading. If any of you had success going without PMO for long periods of time or completely stopped, please share your story briefly or what type of distractions you used to stay away!
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    If you have a partner then don't go for hard mode nofap. Stop porn and masturbation but indulge in real sexual activities, this will speed up the recovery.
    Best of luck
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