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Day 50 - Halfway in my Journey

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Silver_lining, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Phew!! So finally it is here! This is my 2nd milestone of this journey. I felt no urge today, no craving. Infact I had intense feelings of happiness today, that too without any reason. I feel this journey has been so much worth it.
    50 days of noFap, 50 days without smoking, 50 days without Marijuana, 50 days without alcohol.
    Wow! I must say I am proud of myself. I did wish I had a few urges, because it would tell me my junior is still alive.

    I now see clearly, how important APs are. During my last streak I had an AP to whom I wrote daily, and this time its the same. I have an AP in @@Jayaiko91. And my Discord group has been immensely helpful as well. Guys, I suggest you all to have at least 1 individual AP to whom you can write daily, and they can write back to you. While Discord group APs are great, the catch is the responsibility is shared amongst people, and then you dunno know who you're accountable to. And there should be one person who will ask you questions, that you don't want to let down.

    My brief : I am a 26 y old male. I began M'ing when I was 13, and used to Fap multiple times a day for several years. I let porn ruin my imagination completely. As I grew up, I wanted to bang as many women as possible and felt a true man can be judged by the number of women he has been in the sack with. And any guy who has only 1 woman is a sore loser. (Can't believe, how clouded my mind got). With these stupid beliefs in my mind, girls weren't humans for me but projects. And men weren't friends, they were competition.
    Over the span of years, my social anxiety increased, started losing confidence, focus, energy and enthusiasm. Life punished me for believing fapping was a pleasure free of cost, infact it's the costliest form of pleasure ever, that wasn't even worth it.

    I came across noFap in Jan 2017, I wasn't very sure of it and gave it a try as a guest member here. My first streak was about 16 days, and I thought my tool isn't working, so I fapped to check, and swore that it would only be a once a week business. Before another month passed, I was back in my old habits and forgot NoFap.
    This year, May I made an account here and gave it another try, and my streak lasted for about 53-55 days, and I relapsed. Again, I forgot NoFap until finally I said to myself this will be my last day on 15th October, and began with a fresh start on 16th Oct Where I quit fapping, smoking, smokin weed, and alcohol.

    I have been on Flatline for most part of the journey. I was facing withdrawals from quitting mutiple items so for 1st 15 days I binged heavily on mobile videogames. But, also made it a habit to meditate 10 mins a day. Aroun 15 days I started to uninstall these games, and do something positive for myself like forming good habits and reading.

    I have been very lazy and lethargic till Day 30, I justified the laziness to myself as long as I am good on the journey. I edged a bit from day 31-35, and was about to relapse when an AP brought me into my senses. I stopped edgeding. As I slowly saw the brain fog clear, I started gymming from Day 38, and have been regular until today. I also fixed by diet and have been eating healthy ever since. Around the saw time I was Introduced to the concept of Semen Retention which multiplied my motivation many times. I did not have a single wet dream, yet around day 42 I had a little semen leakage while I was pooping. I have also started feeling happy randomly without reasons. Now, staying here on Day 50, I was reach Day 74 (Semen reabsorption day) and then Day 100.

    Benefits :
    1) Improved sleep
    2) Clear skin
    3) Amazing energy
    4) Less reactive, more responsive
    5) Lesser amount of panic (Big advantage, I used to panic and stress a lot), and more living in the present
    6) Big drop in objectifying women, it hasn't gone completely.
    7) Improved attention from women with no efforts
    8) Higher confidence
    9) Motivation source for gymming, eating healthy.
    10) Good mood
    11) Random pangs of happiness without reason.

    I don't socialize much, but hopefully that will change by the time I reach 100 days.

    All the best to one and all :)
    Shall post again on Day 100

    My code is : One Day at a Time
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  2. 4DCreator

    4DCreator Fapstronaut

    Well done to you !! You doing well. Great to hear such a story.
    Silver_lining likes this.
  3. RockClimber15

    RockClimber15 New Fapstronaut

    Keep it up man! I started on the 15th of Oct. as well because it was my 27th birthday and I felt I needed to become a better man. I too started around 13 with PMO. It's getting easier isn't it??

    Last time I drank or smoked was Thanksgiving, and I will never do either again.

    Never give up this struggle. We are gaining discipline and control over ourselves that is priceless.
  4. Suhail22

    Suhail22 Fapstronaut

    Great post buddy!Even Iam on day 45 today and experiencing similar things which u have said in ur post...Keep going!
    Silver_lining likes this.
  5. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    Godspeed to you, brother! Keep it going!!!
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  6. Awesomean! All these temporary highs really take the high out of life in general. Yes, I am dedicated to being the best version of myself
  7. We are almost on a similar journey then
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  8. Yuro1111

    Yuro1111 Fapstronaut

    Did you ever experience ED with woman but as soon as you go to masrurabate you’re fine?
  9. Once.. last year. Again, I am not sure if it was my erection problem or the girl had vaginismus. Also, she was a virgin so I dint stress about it much
  10. Yeah I am getting random hits of happiness, for pretty much the first time ever. Rather nice.
    Silver_lining likes this.
  11. That's true, I have experienced this feeling before, but it used to happen very rarely. Now with this frequency!
  12. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    hey man! Hows it gng! We are almost same age and almost same streak lol!
  13. Great to know that! If you're looking for multiple APs, we have a Discord group!
  14. Asgardian36

    Asgardian36 Fapstronaut

    I ain't on Discord. Besides i have a nice close knit watsapp group. You're welcome to join!!!
  15. Thanks buddy, Discord let's you maintain anonymity. :)
    Asgardian36 likes this.
  16. weron12

    weron12 Fapstronaut

    you are on right way, good luck

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