Day 50.Midway success

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by True life seeker, Aug 23, 2017.

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    This is the first time I go for this long with no PMO/hard mode.I admire all the guys that post their amazing stories here,some with hundreads of days PMO-free,you've all been a great inspiration to me,but sometimes those stories seemed unreacheable,like something i would never be able to do.I'm 22 yo,med student,and I'm posting this for those that seek some midway perspective from someone that got this far for the first time.

    So here I am,on day 50.This year I had 4 attempts to get rid of porn,and got to around day 30 four times.Each time I relapsed I felt really bad and I thought I would never manage to get rid of this additcion.My relapse would be another week or 2 of PMO,it always made me feel like shit,but then I went back to monk mode again because it felt like the right thing to do.So my message to all those out there struggling and failing after 1 day/10 days/100 days is this:never give up!Each day i spent abstaining from my addiction made me stronger,didn't matter if it was between 2 days of pmo or in a long streak.Every day counts.

    I feel a lot better than 2 months ago,my head is clearer,my confidence is going up thus people like me and notice me more,my willpower is also noticeably stronger.The point is I'm barely halfway through my reboot and i already feel some improvement in my life.I went through many cravings,sleepless nights,flatlines(which were actually the worst) and hopefully I will get past them from now on as well,no matter how worse they might get.Porn is the worst thing that happened in my life,and after many years of addiction i'm determined to get rid of it for good.Thank you guys for reading this,your support so far,and if you are also on this journey keep strong and never lose hope.You are not alone,myself and many others are with you,and believe me this is the right path for a better life.See you again on day 90!
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    Maybe you are not yet a winner. But sir, you can call yourself a fighter now!
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    Great post, keep going!
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    Thanks for the inspiration bro this is encouraging and respect for the journey :)
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    It may be a bit early now to say this, but I personally think that 90 days is wayyy too short for an actual reboot. I think one may have to need several years of being clean (from porn, not ejaculation) to really get rid of it. I've read stories of people with +150 days, but once they watch they are instantly hooked again.

    But then again I've never been there so can't comment on it for sure.
  6. True life seeker

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    You may be right.My target is to get rid of porn once and for all,but i will abstain from any kind of orgasm for at least 100 days.Maybe I will feel when its the right time to start looking for a gf.I began to trust my instinct more which i never did before.For now i just want to get clean to 100 days and from then i'll see how things go.
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    There's a massive difference between someone that uses the 150 days to completely transform their life and someone that spends it desperately trying not to fap. Of course you'll go back to old habits if you haven't really changed anything.

    Let's go a little deeper into that. People think that more time abstaining from porn increases recovery. It doesn't. Action does. You must become an avid reader to educate yourself, exercise and eat right to fuel your body, bring the darkness in your body into the light, discover who you are and enjoy the authentic confidence that comes from that. Then you can be healed. You see that right here on these forums. There are people that become self-actualised and then there are those that sit around all day posting here and act surprised when they inevitably relapse.

    PrioritySystem, take the next few months to turn into your own role model.. your personal champion. You have an adventure ahead of you, buddy.
  8. True life seeker

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    Sir this is the best thing i read today.Indeed when i relapsed after 30 days i would just sit around when cravings hit me and read success stories every day to feel better.It didn't help very much as i failed a few times.This time i started going to the gym,i went out more,read more thus i visited nofap like 3 times in 50+ days.This site is indeed awsome but spending all your time here will just be a daily reminder that you are an addict.You have to do some cool stuff with your time and energy in order to forget that.When you are an addict the thing you are addicted to becomes your purpose in life,no matter what you believe.So this is not just getting rid of a bad habit,its reinventing yourself and finding a new purpose in your life.
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  9. Man, that's a scary thought -- to get hooked again after one porn session. I was thinking I'd go for 90 days and then "reward" myself with a relapse. But after reading your post I have to question that idea. "Reward" was how I used to think. Now I'm thinking "self-harm", so why would I ever want to relapse? I now think my goal should be a new way of living that's forever, not X number of days porn-free.

    I do know when I quit smoking cigarettes a long time ago it did take years, not months for the craving to go away. But I did manage to kick the habit.
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  10. Congrats! I can relate a lot as I near day 55

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