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Day 50, need advice

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Eridor67, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. Eridor67

    Eridor67 Fapstronaut

    Hi I just wanted to ask. This is the longest streak I have ever achieved. In day 25 flatline hit me hard. On day 28 I had very wet dream, at 2am had to change my underwear and blanket. On day 35 I made quite mistake, but dont feel like it was sin at all. Havent relapsed, but watched furry porn for 15 minutes. Normal porn makes nothing with me. After that I was scared and felt like hard depression hit me. On day 42 I came back on my streak. Now on day 48 I had another wet dream but it was much weaker. My interest for porn is now very weak and Iam not looking for that anymore. Btw I still have to tell myself NO at least 3 times a day. Now in my streak 50 I feel powerless like I have complete neurosis. Parents are stupidly toxic against me as I am not even doing home chores.

    I dont know, heard that alot of ppl in this time are good or better. You have any clues how much longer it can take to reach complete reboot? I think that 90 days will answer me.

    My rational thinking tells me there will be end to this. But my emotions tell me Iam lost forever, not vitality ever again.

    Thank you for advices
  2. TheWiper

    TheWiper Fapstronaut

    Hey how's all going if you need someone to Talk here I am
  3. Watching porn is worst than fapping so don’t expect 90 days reboot cuz you already relapsed. If you want your brain to be healed you need to cut that dopamine hit so that means no edging, no pmo and if you’re lucky enough based on your pmo backgroud you might get healed in 90 days
  4. Ravefist

    Ravefist Fapstronaut

    DO you think you will ever recover from the damage to your body from masturbation?
  5. domsi

    domsi Fapstronaut

    im sorry to bust your bubble, but i hope youre not gonna lose hope and motivation after reading this. 90 days is only the beginning, not the end of nofap. given that youre not even interested in real porn, but fetish porn (i may be wrong and you started watching furries from day 1 of your masturbatory lifestyle), its gonna take more than 3 months to even get rid of the fetish and come back to regular porn. why arent you doing your choires? occupying your body and mind is the only way to quit the vicious pmo cycle! help your parents out, you dont only owe it to them, but you have to do it for yourself! being lazy is not only a guarantee for a nofap relapse, but also for other failures throughout life. you have to not only do your regular choires, but also add many more of your own to be able to succeed at this. like double said, watching porn is worse than masturbation, but i still applaud you abstinence from it for over a month, that is a win, a first step! keep as far away from it as possible, if youre being serious about nofap. and remember that we can grow and succeed only through hard work on ouselves. the damage by porn has been done, and it will always lurk in our minds, because we are addicts. but we can split ourselves from that part of our past, and become successful. just dont let this part of yourself back then catch up with yourself today.

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