Day 540 on a military course.

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Chefb87, Oct 9, 2020.

  1. Chefb87

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    I just wanted to write a quick little thing here. I am on day 540 of recovery. And I'm currently on a stressful 2 month long military course .
    There are times that I don't notice the changes and the progress I've made in my life due to my recovery. But I just wanted to share the extreme changes I've been noticing about myself on this course!
    The amount of confidence I have in myself Is incredible compared to what it was before. Before I would be dreading getting up each and every day. But now I'm excited and look forward to each day.
    I see the bigger picture. And I see that it's only 2 months and this to shall pass. I'm excited that I'm learning so much. And I realize that challenges and failures are a positive way to learn and progress.
    The amount of pride I had in myself after successfully passing a big assessment was crazy. I almost cried of the amount of pride I had in myself.

    This.... Is nothing I've ever felt in my life. And it's because of the work I have done in my recovery.

    I am so grateful if my life right now and the love and support I've had .

    Thank you for reading !
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  2. mike15

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    This is awesome! Definitely inspiring to hear! Thanks for the post!
  3. Asgardian36

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    thats awesome man! Good stuff! Especially the part you said "this too shall pass" thats a great level of awareness.

    What in particular has helped you gain confidence?
    Is it waking up early? Working out? Fulfilling your duties every day?

    If you don't mind me asking, can you run us through your typical eveyday routine without giving specific details on your mission?
  4. Chefb87

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    I think the confidence has really come from my recovery. And realizing that I'm not a piece of shit. And that I am not helpless.
    I understand now that I'm actually a really great person with alot of positive qualities. I understand that yes there are people that will not like me and my personality and that's ok. I don't need everyone to like me.
    I realize that I am not perfect. I'm human. Humans are not perfect. So I can relax and realize that I don't need to try and be perfect. Since it's unnattainable anyways. In fact. Failure can be a positive thing.. it's the best way to learn lessons.
    A typical day has been getting up for 530 breakfast at 6 . Kit and room inspections at 7am. Followed by classes and lectures and rifle lessons all day. Head for supper for 5pm then up until 12-2 am practicing for assessments and handing in assignments.

    Before recovery if I were to do this course . I would be dreading getting up everyday . And shaking with anxiety and stress all day hoping not to get yelled at or fuck up. And I would constantly keep telling myself that I'm not good enough and I'm gonna fail .
    Now I'm excited to get up. I see this as a challenge. And that I'm learning so much. And it's amazing to go through those assessments each day knowing I practiced and studied hard the night before.
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  5. Wow! That doesn't sound like much sleep to me, but you must be in excellent health. That's great! Keep enjoying life and living it to the fullest man.
  6. takingthejourney

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    wow your going to do amazing things in life
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  7. Mr doctor

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    Great brother one day I will also gonna live my dreams
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  8. 5adn8m8

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    Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's actually amazing and inspiring to see how far you've come. you SHOULD be proud indeed.
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  9. Congrats man!
    I've been wanting to join since 2016 but I couldn't due to heavy brain fog. I'm going through the reboot dealing with PAWS right now. I'm wondering what's in store for me after my brain become clear.

    How long have you been on nofap?
  10. Chefb87

    Chefb87 Fapstronaut

    I think I've been on nofap since 2015? But there were 3-4 years I was in my addiction.
    It took my fiance finding out through my cell phone that I was having sex with an escort. And then I eventually told her everything. Since the next day I have not watched or looked at any pornographic video or images.
    Ive been to treatment , I've joined SAA and have worked the 12 steps. I've been doing some inner child work. And I'm realizing all of the trauma I've been through as a child.
    I've been on a path on how to handle stress better , and I'm learning to love myself. Which I think has been the most important .
    There's more I wanna say , but I'm in a parking lot about to drive out. Hahah
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  11. Are you in the military? If so, how did you manage the dark moments the addiction and the withdrawals?
    Last but not least, were you enlisted before or after the addiction?
  12. Chefb87

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    One big reason I joined was to try and get some more discipline. When it came to sexual compulsions and drugs. I actually went through the military for help. And I couldn't of done it without them. Month long treatment program. And weekly physcologist appointments. For the first couple months it was twice a week. I know I'm very lucky to have had all that help..
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  13. dang man! That's awesome. I just had a long streak, then thought it was a good idea to go back to the old habits for a day or so. Each time I fail, I get smarter. This time I realized I have to REALLY mean it, I have to really want to live differently.. To live better...
  14. Chefb87

    Chefb87 Fapstronaut

    I found that going to my SAA 12 step meetings once a week kept my recovery strong. I think without constant maintenance we will all fall back into old behaviors. I know for me , it is vital for me to stay in my SAA group for my life. If I want to stay away from my old unhealthy habits.. that may sounds like a bad thing. But I see it as a positive. I have made some really incredible , loving and supportive friends in my group. I can be 100 me and have no need to hide anything that's going on in my life ..... At all. The feeling of not having to feel ashamed or hide my thoughts feelings / struggles is amazing. And for me , it's important I stick around with people like that.
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  15. Sergiosanz995

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    Good morning from Spain!

    I am amazed and flattered by your story that I read in Your Brain On Porn. Incredible of the things that happen in our brain with its dopamine and its two proteins: DeltaFosB and CREB. I have read the entire article by Gary Wilson and it is simply incredible. I too have been dragging problems from the porn addiction where I masturbated every night and woke up lethargic. Now with my eight days, I get up earlier, today I woke up an hour earlier than usual.

    So, I wish you the best of luck with your military career and I am honored to serve the country and humanity. Cheer up! You are brave, don't let this fall on you. A word of advice: If you want to give motivation, be the example.

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