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    What a ride for almost 60 days in! but I can’t wait until the 60 days mark to share about my experience in an event last night.

    First a little background, day 20-40 had nothing new and life seemed boring. Once I got over Day50+ I suddenly noticed my voice changed one morning. Very deep and magnetic with the WOW factor. I am actually in love with my own voice now. A subtle difference, but profoundly different. Nowadays I also get random gazes from kids, dogs came to lick my ankle, even rough people were polite towards me with respect. Guess I became likeable and have improved my aura in a very wide spectrum.

    Last night it was a Wine Dinner X Social Dance event. My favorite girl at the scene was fine looking with a gorgeous smile and I caught her looking at me many times. When I approached her table to chat with someone I already know she was so ready to jump up and to greet me. I rubbed her hand a little after our handshake, and she didn’t want to let go, so naturally we danced. She is a total beginner but warmed up to me quickly. Several songs in I thought I started to smell in my sweat, but suddenly “I’m all yours..” she said in a very helpless, flirty tone, “I am losing my control. I’m all yours.” Of my 3 years into dancing, this is the first time I came across a partner who would be explicit on their vulnerability and total submission. Women are subtle aren’t they? She was able to let go of her fear and everything to totally submerge in the moment in my embrace, and I did nothing other than my regular steps. I lost my words so I whispered in her ears “That’s good.” Pretty amazing.

    Other favorite moments from last night:

    1. Girl A: “How on earth you manage to keep yourself in peak condition all the time??”

    2. Girl B: “I was chatting with my friend and said I never liked guys with beard. Then I saw you, I actually think yours look very good. I had to tell you this.”

    3. Girl C: “I noticed you rubbed your knee.. ” (It turns out to be a big sexual signal, maybe she noticed I was quite turned on/in the mood last night)

    4. Many people came to check out the accessories I weared.

    5. I received many gazes and girls scanned my body :p

    6. I have had many meaningful conversations with other male acquaintances too. Their level of engagement almost surprised me. This is important cause I have always considered myself introvert and anti-social.

    Pretty sure I could have pulled with the girl I danced with, but since I am already on this epic journey, and given the fact I had a very enjoyable date with a crush just the day before, I start to realize my abundance mind set already sets in. There will be more choices so I don’t have to hurry in closing any. I am more interested to see how I evolve with more power, more charisma, more magnetism as time goes by.

    Going forward I think I will easily hit the Day90 Mark. I expect more improvements in other areas in my life too. The new found confidence I have enables me to take on big projects. It’s time to take on my life goals.

    Ps. I regularly use affirmation videos to help improve many areas of my life. They manifest much faster after I started to attempt reboot. Some of them do work. If you need recommendations, let me know.
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  2. Tips? Tricks? Advice? Strats? Share all, leave out none, please.
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  3. Are you listening to subliminals?
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    do you feel that your eyes are more shining, better looking physically?
  5. dogs came to u hahahahahah......funnnyyyy sir.......god bless uu sir......may u be happy and healthy always sir
  6. I never liked guys with beard. wtf is wrong with this girl ?
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    My biggest tip for success is go experience life.

    Quit or reduce your exposure to this forum if you have to. I come here only to update everyone on my progress, or when I am in the mood to read some success stories. Consider yourself already successful, forget the magic pills, go out and get a taste of life again. Or else you risk shifting your dependencies on PMO to this forum, which is not true success.

    Understand the benefits from no PMO come and go in its own pace. Everybody has their own rhythm, their own body and mood are constantly adjusting to the new reality. Sometimes it overshoots to make peak and trough. Today is several days after I had that great experience with the girl mentioned above, and this weekend feels particularly slow and uneventful despite the weather is awesome and I still get random gazes and had great chats with some elderly. This plunge in excitement feels exactly the chaser effect and it could have been easy to relapse. But I hang in tight and have faith everything is going to be better when this pass. Understanding how intense it feels/works in practice made it a lot easier.

    Get a good grasp on why you want to reboot. It’s not about achieving 90 or 120 days of no PMO, it’s about consciously understanding how exactly you want to leverage on your new lifestyle and the benefits that come from it. For me, while it’s cool to be able to attract a lot of women, it’s about living the best version of myself, and to become powerful and be able to take direct control over my life again. Try to think beyond curing PIED. Go ask a billionaire, it’s wonderful to have a lot of money, but the real point is always deeper and always align with a higher purpose. Once you rise above clouds, you begin to see and in tune with the deeper purpose.

    Mentioned above, you will experience peak in your strength and energy from time to time. Another trap for easy relapse. Why? You may think your body can withstand another PMO “without much consequences” or you earned enough quota to sneak in another PMO, or even “your body will have wet dreams anyway”, then the downward spiral again. BTW, according to traditional Chinese physician, wet dreams are actual ailment from imbalances. Expending your body fluids (from PMO) drain your YIN energy, that’s enough to give you bad skin, dark and smelly urine, chapped lips, mouth ulcers, grey hair, bad sleep, wet dreams etc. Further in when your YIN energy are completely spent, your body can’t hold your YANG energy as well that’s where you start to get PIED and other nasty things. I was on the edge of hurting my YANG, but with proper medication my body was quickly nourished in 10 days and have never been better for the last 10 years. Once too deep it gets a lot more complicated, as it takes much longer to boost both YIN and YANG in a balanced manner. But chances are there are some herbal based prescription that tailor to your very specific needs. If you are interested in seeing what herbalists can offer, seek professional advice. Let your body properly hold and handle with your accrued energy. Use that energy to do something meaningful, e.g Change your posture

    Finally these videos may help you to eliminate your addition on PMO. My additions were gone shortly after I use them for a few times.

    Until next time.
  8. whatrichme

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    Have to admit that my attempt to reboot changed my sleep pattern, there is tiredness in my eyes and on my face, but overall I radiate with a lot of presence.
    Good change but can be better given time I believe.
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  9. whatrichme

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    I listen to quite a lot of them.
    As i mentioned some of them are useful, and you have screen carefully what would work for you.
    But there are more options than you can possibly imagine.
  10. whatrichme

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    she is young.. in her late teens LOL :p
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    So you do realize that once you start having sexual intercourse with women you will start losing the gained benefits?
    Because it seems that this point is not very clear to you.
  12. I used to listen them too much therefore, my guess was right, people on fabio siccardi youtube page used to paste content like this. HAHA
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    NoFap Defender

    Hahaha this made me laugh out loud. I know exactly what you mean

    Thanks for your great post. Your writing resonates a lot with what I believe.

    Experience life, cut the time on the forums: very true, I feel the same.

    I believe that because you are just being you, you stop thinking about “Am I social enough? Or am I likeable enough”. You are just you. And that’s what women like!

    And then the women... they are just the clickbait for NoFap, not in a disrespectful way! What I mean is that there is so much more than just women. And I think you figured this out as well.

    Great progress man! Keep us posted once in a while
  14. Hank Pym

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    What do you mean your voice changed on day 50??? How old are you and how many years you did pmo?
    I'm 20 yrs old, on day 9 and pmo addicted for only one and half year.
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    This guy is a fraud, dont believe a word he says
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    Really great post bro! Very inspiring as you never gave up even when you didn't feel any difference. You are on the best track, I would like to experience this freedom and confidence. Would you be able to recommend some affirmation videos that helped you most.
  17. whatrichme

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    Took my own advice to have some time off this forum, then to respond to the questions above:

    I am approaching 30 and started since 9. On day 60 I gathered courage to delete 20 years of P in my computer. There is no going back. Didn’t feel anything dramatic though, just a small voice from within “Yup, that’s right.”

    My posture continue to improve effortlessly. Headache seems to fade as my body and mood picked up again. Something big happened at work, believing everything is going to be okay, I am facing it with infinite calmness. This mentality is something I took religiously 10 years ago when I was still in college but lost somewhere along the way. It came back recently and naturally. It’s beautiful.

    Information and email used to register myself here is junk, but the above was written with love. Everyone can have their own opinion, it’s okay if the above doesn’t resonates with you. Good luck.
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  18. whatrichme

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    In one of my reply there are 3 videos i think everyone here can leverage on.
    if you have a specific area you would like to work on, feel free to msg me and I can point you to what's already on youtube.
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    I am really very inspired by your progress and would want to know more about the manifesting thing. What things did you manifest ? how did you visualize how you removed the mental doubt. If you could help me i would be grateful.
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    Did you get her number? Can I have it?

    Kidding, of course. Well done, my friend. I hope you continue to thrive in your new found freedom.


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