Day 6,,This is magic..believe me!..but only when you surpass hell :(

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  1. Hello all..this is my first'll be a bit long but do read it.. it'll help u all :)

    P.S.- FUCKER=MASTURBATION my post :)

    I've been fapping since I was 11 or so..currently I am 23..first time taking NoFap seriously..I cannot describe the hell my life has seen..but still I don't understand how am i alive..but if I am..there has to be some reason.. :|

    Negative things first: :(
    1) GYM and this FUCKER cannot go together- Joined Gym an year back..put in all efforts..some muscle gains..but today as i see myself in front of a mirror..a tiny face..built arms..protruding belly...confused stamina..and what not..
    2) Brain fucked up- I don't exactly remember the last time (before today's workout) when I saw a girl with some respect in my eyes and head. Fapping is not a sin, but a blind-ass-selfless-mofo habit that will tell u that sex is all u need, and every girl is a sex toy.
    3) Height stopped- Believe me brothers..if any of u are having height issues..stop FUCKER immediately. Fuck science,theory,botany and whatever studies r there..all your negativity has come from this FUCKER :mad:
    3)Dead Eyes! yes, they too fuck up due to this this fucked up FUCKER- If you've been fapping since ages and your eyes are going weak and weak..blame it on nothing else but FUCKER!
    4) Social anxiety- You all know :).
    5) Too much anger when others mock you over gf issues- your brain cannot endure the mockery of the thing it worships all day? yup then you're not angry..your mind is..which has been residing in your pipe for years!
    5) Loneliness- Yes this FUCKER isolates u..if it hasn' ready someday..
    6) Fucked up thoughts- This will ruin u tried its utmost at me..but now i'm getting out hopefully!
    And guilts, fears, phobias, you name it..we all have it! All thanks to our FUCKER!

    Positive things..phew ..finally :)
    The max i tried and reached in nofap was 25 days in 2nd year of college(3 years back) when i was busy for my college fest. Then when my event didn't go well, FUCKER came back with all depression in the world. And this continued for 2 years..Then, six days back:

    1)DAY 1- I have a job, good life, am i sad for??..and then i saw..i've hardly any friends..people don't remember me..all i remember is i've been fapping
    to is what i watch every gym gains? GYM? my friends? life? FUCK U..its been an year on job and you still think you are a anger paced all throughout me..FUCKER is what has ruined me from all sides..this FUCKER addiction is worse than drinking or smoking.. and i hardly drink or smoke :/..
    This anger, and months of seeing posts on NoFap, instilled a challenge in me..and yeah a bit greed for the life people get(as they post on NoFap, and they don't joke i can assure you) encouraged me to take up this task.
    I kept myself busy all day..
    playing pc games(FUCKER tries to enter when i see girls in game),
    walking(FUCKER absent)
    sleeping (FUCKER tried its best to show me what i've been enjoying for years..but somehow i won)
    And somehow the day ended with NoFap.

    2) Day 2- made aims for life..talked to old friends(best time :D) back to gym..didn't look at any girl..worked out..came back ..slept..NO FUCKER all day! Increased energy!

    3) Day 3- FUCKER tried to invade when i saw hot chicks on newspaper.. i went away//washed face..walked in garden..fucker was gone// then fought fucker all day at times when it usually prevails..i won.. :O..increased confidence

    4) Day 4- Fought fucker all day.. hardly had any bad thoughts..good mood..
    5) Day 5- Fought fucker during sleep..and somehow the FUCKER dream changed to horror..good anyways.. increased self respect and respect for others
    6) Day 6- Gym time was best..made a few friends( girls obvio).. but the golden time was when i looked at so many hot chicks and not one bad thought came into my mind today.. talked..worked out to know about likes dislikes movies games blah blah! NO FUCKER all day..

    NOW the killer ones:

    I saw myself in front of the mirror; glowing skin, increased confidence, wow energy, no FUCKER thought at all, huge self-respect, massive arms, and finally a desire to join NoFap! And other unknown benefits are sure to come :)

    But I don't know what'll happen in the coming days..but right now i am feeling great!
    I'll do whatever it takes to beat this make this 60 ,600,.i have a feeling i will beat it..abuse this habit as much as you can guys..either this devil will overthrow u or vice versa..remember..its all in our is not just sex and porn..fuck all this shit..there is so much-much-much more to life..and you all will get your dream girl one day.. happy life :) ..
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    Congrats! Around day 6 I was ready to gouge my own eyes out. It's gotten a little better and I only think about punching babies occasionally to make myself feel better. Keep positive, brother.
  3. Excellent post, can really relate to it. I look forward to the rest of your log. All the best!!
  4. I really don't want to rain on your parade but 6 days is not very long considering the time it takes to reboot. I'm on day 10 now and I consider that nothing. I can tell by your post that you have swaying of moods but just be careful about your feelings and about this because a relapse can be devastating and can cause this cycle to start over again.
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    Isnt there a rule that doesnt allow for nofappers under 30 days to post here?
    Its topics like this that probably turn some ppl away...
    Because while we can all appreciate his enthusiasm 6 days is nothing...

    Im no better im only on day 5 but i didnt experience any changes whatsover and didnt expect them so this is probably just placebo talking...
  6. lantti

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    Yeah on day 5 too. Let's all celebrate!:cool:

    For some reason i feel already like in paradise:eek: I'm really scared of the flatline, it's gonna destroy me, I felt really angry and frustrated today, and it's gonna be worse...:mad:
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  7. lazyleaf

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    Man, I know quitting fapping really does wonderful thing, but thinking that all of this comes directly from fapping is crazy, stopping PMO is just the trigger that made you strong enough to really go and change yourself for the best.
    And don't forget placebo.
    I don't wanna be harsh nor disrespect you with this, bro, peace.
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  8. Believe me I have tried quitting many times, you will feel periods of supreme confidence and bliss and supreme periods of depression, anxiety, and loneliness. These mood swings are very common to our dopamine starved brains and is merely a cycle. In order for you to break the cycle you must recognize that these are just passing moods and are just part of a long recovery process. Yes I feel glad that I have 11 days under my belt but I won't feel any better until I have left PMO behind forever.

    OP you must also only post here if you have surpassed 30 days.
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  9. Thanks brother, same to you :).
  10. Sure brother.. will update daily and I wish i survive, well fuck, I definitely will :)
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  11. Well yea I'm sorry brother I just joined yesterday and noticed that rule after I posted my thread..will keep in mind next time :)
    Well regarding the enthusiasm, I guess we all have different bodies and uniquely devastated minds, so that's why each victory day brings different perceptions and feelings :)
  12. No bro believe me, well you might not be wrong, but if that is the case, why does a single man find it so hard to stop fapping? Why 10/11 times a day one thinks about sex when he sees a hot chick? Why can't you just forget FUCKER just like any normal habit you had in childhood? Well I guess it's hard because you've taught your mind years ago a habit which it should have learned in yound-adult age. If quitting had been so easy, why is this website here? It's a war on which we are 'A one-man-army' against million FUCKERS :)
  13. oh yea i am new brother and noticed that 30 days rule after i posted ..sorry :)
    But you yourself made most of our doubts clear. You say you have tried quitting many times, now tell me that a habit residing in you since ages will go by trying few times? You, I and all our brothers out here know that FUCKER is bad, still you let it rule you? I don't think any of us here was born fapping, we learned it because we are in a world where 'sex' has become a status symbol. Instead of working up our ways and reaching goals in life, we talk about how many chicks we banged? Gimme a break.. Now we stand at a point in life where a 'pipe' tell us how to live.. you don't bang a girl and you are a nerd, gay, what not. A life we should've spent growing and playing has been trapped in fapping..that's it bro :)
  14. FIGHT it bro.. it's your life, and it's one, if you've decided to give up and submit to FUCKER, well then if we can't control our inner selves, how the hell will we handle the world :|
  15. And yea if this is a 6 day placebo talking about defeating PMO, a decade+ long masturbation ruling your mind is telling a placebo to buzz off :( it's not u and not me brother, :)
  16. lazyleaf

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    You were addicted to porn, not masturbation, and most importantly, PMO addiction is not the disease, it's SYMPTOM of something else. It's normal to think about sex seeing a hot chick, it's not normal if this actually ruins your life.
    Like a great criminologist good guys dream it, bad guys do it.
  17. ImASinnerWhoJesusSaved

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    Hey don't listen to anyone who says "6 days is nothing." 6 days is more than nothing. 6 days is 6 days without giving in to something else ruling you. I know the thread is for 30+ only, but you were new so you didn't know. Don't worry about it.

    Keep at it, just beware of overconfidence when you feel good. That's usually when I fail.
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  18. outedskeleton

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    I don't think the previous posters are really meaning to say six days is nothing. Most of us believe this to be a significant step. I think warning about over confidence, as you have as well, is am important point. For most of us, that incredible feeling we get in reaching certain milestones has been slapped down more than once by the negative sides of fighting our addictions. I think most of us just want those new to this to be careful in the early stages while still encouraging and applauding these successes.
  19. ImASinnerWhoJesusSaved

    ImASinnerWhoJesusSaved Fapstronaut

    Couldn't have said it better myself.
  20. Lone_Wolf

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    @rabbit-gymfreak ;\ Keep it up. I went ten days once and then sort of faltered. It's a good feeling to keep going as long as you can.
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